News WWE releases Balor shirt. Lacks originality.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 21, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Bullet Club is original creation of WWE. Do not steal.

    Fucking Balor Club.
  2. That's gay
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  3. Actually... now if you think about it... Balor did start the club...
  4. What the "I love gay looking shirts club?"
  5. No, the "Gay is a demeaning term" club apparently.
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  6. No, the "stop being so PC club" lol. I mean gay as stupid. Calm down.
  7. outside of the WWE. It's hilarious that WWE, who try to present themselves as the only game in wrestling are trying to borrow from something that is big and has some crossover appeal outside of the E (The Bullet Clubs shirts are fucking everywhere).
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  8. Dumb shirt for a dumb person, fits.
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  9. The shirt looks good. It's the Balor Club concept that is silly.
  10. So you are calling gays stupid?

    Guess I'll throw my opinion in here to stay on topic. Shirt is cool, Balor is not.
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  11. Gays are happy in my book.

    Shirt is a original creation from:ohyeah:
  12. Nope. When I was a kid, if I thought something was stupid. I use to say "well that's gay!" Not as in gays are stupid, more or less, it was just another word that we as children used for the word "stupid." If you want to be PC and never offend anyone, stay off the internet and avoid wrestling...I really don't need to explain myself to you as you can think whatever you'd like and quite frankly I don't give a shit :emoji_slight_smile:

    My verbage here was childish and meant to be that way, but leave it to a PC dick to take something too literal and can't laugh at them self :emoji_slight_smile:

    Any who, the shirt is "stupid and silly and I don't like how wwe designed it" (my PC remark).
  13. You know, you use to have a picture of your self shirtless as your avatar and use the word "gay" a lot...idk, but I think there is more to this....
  14. Lol and you were looking... And brought up how I used the word gay even though it was clearly a joke.... I think I'm seeing a pattern here...

    I'm proud of my body... You don't keep a Porsche locked in a garage, you drive it sometimes and show it off.

    I'm dolph Ziggler
  15. Sorry, I like my men intelligent.
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  16. I am a network/systems admin for a global company....i handle all of their security, infrastructure, and server side infrastructure. I have my degree in computer systems engineering and looking to get another in business admin. I have my mcse in server 2012, security +, network +, Citrix xenapp 6.5, Comptia advanced security practitioner, green IT, office specialist, and working to get a lot of Cisco networking certs.

    Maybe this doesn't make me "smart" according to you... But I'm not too bad :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. Oh well then, want to go out for a movie or a dinner sometime? Maybe you can give me some workout tips, would love to flaunt my body on internet on a random wrestling forum of mostly straight males, it's been all I've ever wanted to do.
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  18. I ain't saying I'm a golddigger...
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  19. I get your sarcasm and now I want you even more! Cell????
  20. Only if nudes are promised.
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