WWE releases new entrance video for McGillicutty

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Pretty sure he is listed on the RAW roster so posting it here.

    Their video team is amazing. They make a low carder like Joe look cool.
  2. I like it.
  3. looks pretty good
  4. My care cup doesn't even get horny at the thought of McGillicutty.
  5. WWE's video team is the best, no doubt. It's a great video.

    And I like McGillicutty. :downer:
  6. How weird, I went into this thread intending to make a care cup reference but it seems you ninja'd me.
  7. Why is this guy still employed??? he hasent been on tv for ages
  8. He's getting better in the ring and he'll get repackaged in the future, apparently officials are high on him and I personally agree.
  9. BLFFL did you just say release McGillicutty?

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  10. :lol1:
  11. He's on NXT/Superstars quite a lot. He's the son of a legend hall of famer (which does matter in modern WWE) and he's improving every episode. He's good on the mic and is improving in the ring. He has potential, that's the short answer.

    Omg this is so much win. Liked.
  12. Badass video.

    He's only some deeper-voiced singer way from having the most badass theme song in the WWE.
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