News WWE Releases Original Sin Cara

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  1. Source: WWE website.

    I thought this had already happened but it appears that everything is official as of now. I guess the lawsuit shall continue.
  2. I thought this happened a long ass time ago
  3. Yeah, this is old ass news. Sin Cara/Mistico himself confirmed a couple of months ago that he was gone from WWE and they even threatened him with legal action for still using the gimmick in Mexico since they now consider it to be "their's."
  4. In response to both of you I mentioned that I thought this happened a while back also, just simply relaying the message that I read on their website today. :bodallas:
  5. This makes me wonder when I think of how they used Sin Cara in the Scooby Doo Wrestlemania movie. *spoiler* He never says a word in the movie. That, to me, makes it seem like WWE has complete ownership of the character gimmick. I'm no lawyer though.
  6. Let the lawsuits begin.
  7. Wow, I had assumed this happened ages ago but okay. Also, what is the actual point of sticking Sin Cara in there when (I think) Daniel Bryan is not in the movie? That's a sin of it's own... (sorry for the very punny joke)
  8. My understanding is that the character "Sin Cara" is the property of WWE, but the character of "Mistico" still belongs to AAA (I think it's AAA, could be CMLL) down in Mexico, but Urive returned to Mexico and was using the Sin Cara gimmick. WWE protested and he has returned to using the Mistico gimmick.

    Of course, the real irony is that the original Mistico was Jorge Arias, who last performed in Mexico as Incognito and came to the WWE as Sin Cara Negro/Hunico. And Arias is now again portraying Sin Cara. So, Urive once replaced Arias as Mistico and now Arias has replaced Urive as Sin Cara.

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  9. Urive worked in CMLL as Mistico, the gimmick belonging to the company. and when he left for WWE they replaced him with a new guy under the mask (acknowledging that it is a new Mistico though since it works into the character backstory of being an orphan trained by a wrestling priest). Urive left under bad blood though so he is not allowed back to CMLL and thus went to AAA after being leaving WWE and tried using the Sin Cara character.
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  10. This is what I get for going off of recollection and not checking sources before posting.

    Yes. And he claims that the Sin Cara character is his property, while WWE claims it is theirs. Of course, the whole situation only comes full circle if Urive asks Arias for permission to use the "Incognito" character and starts wrestling under it in Mexico.

  11. As if Urive would ask for permission :dawg:

    This is the same man who said "all English speakers are clowns"
  12. :lol1: It's funny that he's more of a bigot than Dutch Mantell (that's Zeb Coulter for you young whippersnappers) is in real life.

  13. So..that's why 'Sin Cara' has now returned to jumping over the ring ropes into the ring, as opposed to sliding under the ropes as he was doing? It's the *original* Sin Cara, back with the WWE?
  14. Btw, *they*(the WWE) couldn't release one of their 'idiots,' but instead released Sin Cara? So much for 'Best for Business.'
  15. Those "idiots" are loyal company men who do what is asked of them. Luis Urive was an egotistical dope who thought himself above learning the language of the country he was going to be performing in full time.
  16. WWE obviously officially confirming his release
  17. BLFFL Stating the Obvious...
  18. R.I.P

    Back to Tijuana you go.
  19. Meh, without English or time in FCW/NXT the guy would have never worked anyway. Him going back to Mexico is better for everyone.
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