News WWE Releases Ring Announcer Justin Roberts

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Z.T.O, Oct 14, 2014.

    What the fuck..

    He was one of the best ring announcer imo and his voice will be missed.
  2. Really? WTF are you doing, WWE?

    They should've fired Lawler's worthless ass instead of Justin... Travesty!
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  3. He must have done something to get fired the night after a RAW.

    Meanwhile Tony Chimel soldiers on
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  4. And screw the other clown as well, who refers to himself as a commentator Michael freakin' Cole.
  5. Never liked him, hated the way he announced Cena. The fink is how you announce.
  6. Cole is a great commentator. The guy directing him via ear piece is not.

    Cole directs the commentary on NXT.
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  7. Oh, so that's why Cole is annoying and still acts like a rookie. lol

    NXT commentary sucks as well, it was fine when Regal was there, though. The 'new' guys, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are completely bland, it's like I'm listening to Michael Cole... And not to mention Jason Albert and Alex Riley, those two are even worse. Everyone gets to be a commentator in WWE nowadays. Haha.

    I hope they bring in Kyle Edwards soon.
  8. He was a good announcer, but it's not like he isn't easily replaceable or anything. Howard Finkel was the only voice they ever had (other than McMahon himself) that was so iconic that he just can't be replaced or duplicated. Justin Roberts, Lilian Garcia, Tony Chimel and the like are good, but they're not great. Then again, you don't really have to be when you have one of the easiest jobs in the company.
  9. Chimel is an icon!

  10. Haha, gotta love how his voice cracks every time he's about to pronounce 'Superstar'
  11. Instead Of Justin Roberts, They Should've Gotten Rid Of Cole..
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  12. JoeRulez?
  13. Agreed. But as much as I dislike Cole, I dislike Lawler even more. His monkey ass is worthless, they should've gotten rid of him.
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  14. :blackshock:Big shock to hear that WWE would release Justin Roberts.His voice will be missed. Hope they use Lillian and Tony.
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  15. inb4 TNA. I'd/I'll mark when it happens.
  16. Didn't realize this was that big of a deal, I liked Justin Roberts more than a few others but he's definitely replaceable.. I wonder more what the argument was about!
  17. You just don't get into discussion with the all mighty Michael Cole, or you'll get fired.
  18. I think they're keeping him because he's a long time loyal worker like Howard Finkle.
  19. meh
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  20. All this time I thought Josh Matthews and Justin Roberts were the same person. Huh, you live and learn.
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