WWE Releases Top NXT Wrestler from Developmental Deall, But Lets Talk About Ice Cream

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. - WWE has released Chris Spradlin from his developmental deal this past week. He was known as Kassius Ohno on NXT and Chris Hero before joining WWE.

    He's already been announced to face Hurricane Helms on November 16th for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Rahway, NJ.

    Ohno was released by WWE officials while waiting to begin training on Friday morning at the Performance Center in Orlando. Ohno recently returned to NXT after being held off TV for some time. His final match, a loss to Luke Harper, just aired a few nights ago on this week's episode of NXT TV.

    Well fuck. :sad1:
  2. the fuck why
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  3. Oh damn, why would they release him? They got tired of him not gettin in shape?
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    Oh my. Chris Hero return tour coming up then. Wonder if he'll go TNA or Japan.
    Shame on both parts. Shame on WWE for not showing more patience, and shame on Ohno for not doing as his employers asked right away. Most of the blame lays on Hero though, they had plans for him to move up and all they wanted for him was to get in better shape but he butted heads with them every step of the way. I can see why they got rid of a headache.

    But at the same time I am not bothered by this. Hero's work on NXT has been underwhelming at best apart from the Regal match and Harper matches. It was pretty obvious he thought that he was above NXT.
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  5. Just feel bad for the dude, he had a chance to shine on the biggest stage and make the most money he possibly could as a professional wrestler but he just couldn't get his act together. Tragic, truly tragic. The fan in me agrees with Stopspot as always.
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  6. Just wanted to see him in the main roster. Feel bad for the dude
  7. Reading the Hero apologists on other sites is hilarious. "WWE FUCKED UP! HERO ISN'T TO BLAME! HERO DOES NOTHING WRONG! HERO DRAWS!"
    Oh please, he was given multiple opportunities over a span of two years to shine in developmental and show that he is motivated and wanted it but failed. Meanwhile his old colleagues like Cesaro, Rollins, Ambrose, Zayn, Graves, Neville etc etc etc went there, showed that they wanted it and delivered. And it is paying off for them.

    Hero is without a doubt talented, but in developmental you need to prove that you are hungry to justify them putting money and time into you.
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  8. I agree with Stopspot 100%. He was not willing to put in the effort, it will be nice to see him in the indies again though. Luckily they will use his spot and pick up someone good, I would like Richards but he may become another case like Hero so hopefully they are looking at Gargano, Cole etc.
  9. Gargano was offered a contract in 2011 but declined it so that he could "grow some more before making the step up". He's on their short list from what I get.

    nah but really if WWe wanted a pretty boy with six pack abs and glistening pecs they know where to find them and have plenty of those guys. I thought they signed Hero to be a fucking wrestler not enter beauty pageants. Hero looks like most wrestlers looked 30-40 years ago. Can you imagine some promoter coming to Harley Race circa 1980 and telling him to lose the beer belly?

    fuck WWE for once again losing site of what is important, and no Flopspot, demanding Ohno be in prime ascetically pleasing shape is not important. the dude is an entertainer. I wanted him to entertain me, not blow me away with his physique
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  11. Thats awesome to hear, I never really seen Gargano's work but his recent PWG stuff has been brilliant.
  12. Caught me by surprise this did. Sucks for him, but I don't think he was enjoying his time in WWE anyway.
  13. Well it's his fault really, that is if the rumors are true. If WWE asks for you to show them what you have in developmental and asks you to do a few simple things, it should be your goal to do it. You shouldn't give your 100% 20% of the time, that's not going to impress the higher ups to push you to the main roster, and if they ask you to do something simple like lift weights, then you should. That is WWE, the top wrestling company in the world. They have tons of talent, and they showed they won't get on their knees for any talent by firing Ohno. I hope wherever he goes he goes at it 100%. It's sad to see him go, but he has nobody to blame, but himself.
  14. Meh he needs to sort himself the fuck out he's one of the most talented guys in the world but if he's willing to sleep on it fuck him.
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  15. I'm with Dolph. Stupid release imo.
  16. I'm a huge fan of Ohno, but he really has no one else to blame except for himself. It's sad how he built himself up from being that fat fuck working ROH openers and into legitimate world champion material and just couldn't stick with it. I'm sure he'll be hired as a trainer once he decides to retire.
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  17. Genuine question has he even been entertaining bar the regal and parts of Wyatt feud?
  18. never
  19. Lets be honest, no one really knows why he was released apart from WWE and Ohno. All this speculation and "oh yeah you're so right" is hilarious.

    It's sad that he's been released because he had the opportunity to make the most you can ever make as a wrestler, and he isn't exactly the age where he can come back in a few years.
  20. You would have to imagine that it has something to do with his weight though seeing as the only hole in his game which you can pick at is his build.
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