WrestleMania WWE Reportedly Considering Diva Heel Turn for WrestleMania Match

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  1. Read more at.... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1570804-wwe-reportedly-considering-diva-heel-turn-for-wrestlemania-match

    Dont really care but not a surprise
  2. None of them are big enough to make a difference, silly WWE.
  3. Might as well turn Kaitlyn heel.
  4. I think the possibilities of the turning heel are Layla and Kaitlyn...
  5. Kaitlyn will not since shes helping Rhodes to turn face.
    If your turn her and Layla heel then , Only nat would be face
  6. So that'll be a ninth match on the card? Surprised they have the time for that with the three main events bound to last a while and the obligatory concert nobody cares about.

    Then again, it'll only take a minute...
  7. Kaitlyn SUCK! Please have her drop title she can't wrestle! And thisproved why AJ is not wrestling for title even though she heel b/c WWE know what I know SHE CAN'T WRESTLE THE RING! But I like face Layla don't turn her heel!
  8. Back to your FTJ , Gohan or Frank gimmick?
  9. AJ can wrestle Gohan.
  10. Ok Frank is my REAL 1ST NAME! Gohan was a name I pick for my username on youtube b/c Teen Gohan from DragonBall Z the cartoon show was my favorites chareter. FTJ aka Frank the Jock was a gimmick I made for my backyward wrestling chareter it was idea I got b/c I use to do high school wrestling in high school so i was a jock in high school I have a leamin coat already so when i started to backyard wrestler i use that and make myself Frank The Jock! DO u understand now?
  11. More Layla on my TV is never a bad thing. :true:
  12. If you watched smackdown you clearly see this happening. Kaitlyn hit her finisher on an opponent and then layla tagged herself in. It actually seemed as though Kaitlyn was a bit pissed but I guess they could switch it to layla.
  13. Meh, no one will care enough anyway. Though I believe it will be Layla turning heel instead of Kaitlyn.
  14. Same happened to orton and sheamus
  15. Layla was a decent heel when aligned with a great heel in Michelle McCool, but she's crap on her own.
  16. Exactly. I've seen this feud brewing for weeks now and it's been obvious that Layla wants the title. I can definitely see Layla turning heel.
  17. Who. Cares.
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  18. Big whoop.

    The only news that's divas-related that would be exciting to me is a headline that read "WWE reportedly considering scrapping the Diva's Championship and division altogether."
  19. Bring back karma
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