WWE reportedly interested in Canadian indie wrestler

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. El Generico, the finest Mexican wrestler to ever come out of Canada ey....

  2. @[Seabs]

  3. I tried tagging them but it said tags didn't work. Weird. Figured they'd be interested in this
  5. He is a great wrestler from what I've saw.I hope he debuts soon!
  6. He isn't signed to the WWE. It is only rumored that they want to sign him.
  7. well in that case, I hope the rumors are true. lol
  8. He's made for the WWE as a kid friendly holy shit face, kind of an upgraded Cara IMO. They'll balls it up I have no doubt but still OLEE!
  9. Look's pretty good. Hope they sign him.
  10. No comments needed as it's all said by El Generico himself. Tremendous wrestler all around, can be a poster babyface for any company. Enough said.

    I don't know how TNA hasn't picked him up already. :facepalm:
  11. Generico would be great as a upper mid card babyface, possibly main event babyface. He is entertaining as fuck and has great ring skills.
  12. :happy: Would be awesome, watched some of his stuff. #BringTheOleToWWE
  13. Just debut him in a smark heavy city and the live crowd will do the rest.
  14. Awesome, he seems like a great wrestler, I'd love to see him as a WWE Superstar.
  15. Awesome. Hope this is true
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