WWE reportedly interested in RoH

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  2. Guess that they see CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (maybe even Aries), and think that ROH talent may not be so useless to them after all.
  3. They should just keep their hands away from ROH. I don't want WWE corrupting that show
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  4. This is the shittiest, vaguest dirtsheet report I've ever seen, which is saying a lot considering how shitty and vague 99% of them are.
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  5. Jim Cornette already did doe :cornette:
  6. This is precisely the high-quality reporting you can expect from F4W!
  7. If WWE buys RoH, I will stop watching wrestling period, except for TNA.
  8. WWE better not get involved with ROH in any way
  9. Doubt Ring of Honor even wants to get involved with WWE, it would completely ruin them if they did.
  10. i guess this means wwe are going to take over ROH :sad: soon they will control every promotion
  11. Whatever makes it better i say go for it

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  12. I think some users might be getting the wrong end of the stick.

    This report is so plain and probably bullshit (because of Meltzer) that you shouldn't take it too seriously. I posted it as I wanted to read some opinions on whether people would want RoH talent going to WWE or even WWE purchasing RoH.
  13. ROH talent in WWE if used correctly or well (Daniel Bryan is a prime example of being used well as is Punk and Rollins) - Sure!

    Purchasing ROH.... I don't see how it would benefit either company really. Rather I'd say some kind of collaboration deal between the two companies could benefit them both.
  14. If WWE were smart enough to work out a talent sharing relationship with ROH it could be beneficial to both companies, obviously much more so to ROH. WWE would get some talented performers, but overall they wouldn't get much from it, and would only be providing exposure for ROH, which they have no desire to do.
  15. If it wasn't for NXT they could maybe work out some sort of Developmental deal with ROH but I don't really see how it would benefit ROH in the long run other than WWE funding
  16. I'd be OK with a talent sharing agreement, but I don't think anything will happen, really.
  17. That wouldn't benefit ROH or WWE. As things are now ROH is basically a free developmental territory for them anyway. Any ROH talent that WWE wants they can get.
  18. ^True. I have a hard time seeing any ROH talent refusing a WWE contract if it came a calling. Talent sharing would definitely be the best for both
  19. Ugh. WWE would love to purchase and cut in on all the Indy companies. The McMahon's want to own everything and put their greedy paws on all of wrestling. Soon all Indy's will be running their companies just like WWE does and this would be a crying shame. If wrestling is to be a beautiful art again, there needs to be a healthy dose of fairness and balance. WWE should consider expanding to other countries, but branding RoH would be a sad day for me and others who have put effort into working and promoting for their company
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  20. RHINO is in ROH currently folks lol
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