WWE Reportedly Renewing Mason Ryan's Push

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Source: lordsofpain

    Sigh. Sigh, sigh sigh.
  2. Brodus is going to dance into the rumble? That made me happy. Mason Ryan is actually useless. He's got no charisma, mic skills or in ring ability.
  3. I guess we'll have another "Too Cool" moment.
    I don't enjoy the jiggling though.
  4. Ring skills is Kayfabe. Mic skills, he hasn't had a chance to talk really. I found him quite good when he wrestled in FCW and for his country.
  5. No it's not. He is a bad technical wrestler. Kayfabe he's booked as this mega-stong Batista. He's generally not a good wrestler though. He's had a couple mic segments, you can tell he's going to be Morrison 2.0.
  6. Morrison was actually pretty good as a heel on the mic though. Especially in ECW.
  7. He was entertaining, I think people overrate him in ECW because of how bad he was after. He had a funny gimmick, hell, I was laughing at most segments he had on "Dirt Sheet". But listen to them, he's never been good on the mic. He seems nervous, and his delivery tends to be poor.
  8. He wasn't great alot of the time but he did show promise such as when he changed from Johnny Nitro to John Morrison.
  9. Well he was a lot better than his latter self definitely. I could bare him then. Towards the end of his run I pretty much kept mistaken him for a diva.

    Anyway, back to Ryan. I'm hoping this is just bs reports to be honest. Don't see why they're pushing him when Ryback is back.
  10. He might be a bad technical wrestler, but he's a powerhouse.
  11. The best part about the OP, is the part with Brodus Clay. Mason Ryan just looks like a watered down Batista.
  12. I actually quiet liked Mason Ryan's push for some reason, it was somewhat entertaining for me.
  13. I like these reports...Mason Ryan = something different to watch, unlike Brodus Clay...dances out squashes somebody with a belly flop and dances out...:/ how the hell is that good...
    Ryan...yeah he does the whole powerhouse thing, but he actually puts on a wrestling match!

    P.S Brodus entering at #2 (my guess)
  14. Disagree. Brodus has a unique entertaining gimmick which has already got him really over. Ryan gets no reactions, he doesn't put on a wrestling match he just punches and then does finisher. I'd also like to see a longer Brodus match though. And agreed, Brodus at #2.
  15. Mason Ryan is something different to watch? The big muscular tanned guy in black trunks. Yeah never seen that before....
  16. I understand what you're trying to say here, but I kinda liked him, don't even know why, but he reminded me of the good old Batista, not in terms of skill, etc; just the way he was.
  17. I saw this report to I hope its BS no need for another big guy especially one who seems weak in the ring! I'd rather see someone like Justin Gabriel get a push!