WWE reportedly signs new British wrestler

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Sounds like a good signing. Man WWE is going hard on DGUSA.

    Here are some pics. Courtesy of PWmania.

  2. jobber
  3. PAC is a great signing, hopefully they don't bury him.
  4. Congrats to PAC. I'm sad to see him leaving Dragon Gate, but hey - more money is always great.

    Btw, he's an amazing all around performer, and his high-flying is especially insane. But WWE will cut him off, I just hope they use him well and not turn him into Evan Bourne 2.0.

    He's really jacked himself up in last 18 months, I guess it paid off now.
  5. I noticed when I checked out the pictures that PWmania posted of him that he seems to have gotten a lot more buff.
  6. Damn, that's one big ass head..
  7. He has Elf ears :haha:

    Well done on him being called up (if true), seems to be another one they have taken from DGUSA recently. I assume we will see him on the NXT show before anything else?
  8. I like him because he has world on his penis.
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  9. I dont know him but WWE will turn him into a jobber
  10. Great signing. Can't wait.
  11. One thing, though, PAC is not a good promo guy, and has that strange British accent (not Barrett like), and hopefully they let him try to put himself over through in-ring work rather than long promos.
  12. Maybe give him Regal as a mouth piece? Does he speak cockney perhaps?
  13. I always say you don't need to be good on the mic if you're exceptionally entertaining in the ring which all high-flyers are really. Sin Cara had less than 10 matches in his original run by the time he was really over. If you do something exceptional human's can't help but to make noise.
  14. Regal is a good idea. He accent is Geordie.
  15. Oh god Geordie is possibly the worst to have behind Welsh (Mason Ryan). Give him Regal.
  16. I heard he's an excellent flyer, I'd love to see him in WWE, he could get over. I just hope they don't make him a jobber.
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