WWE reportedly steering clear of all TNA talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

  2. You guys say Meltzer talks BS. So I say that.
  3. It's Meltzer, so it's probably not the actual thing.
  4. :burns:
  5. It makes a ton of sense though. We'll see whether Flair does make an appearance but this is common sense.
  6. Me personally I thought Flair would have signed up already. It's been a week since his no compete clause finished. :notsure:
  7. Yeah but it's something TNA can bring up in court just as a reference. Could sway the jury's opinion.
  8. I suppose it could. It sucks if you're someone like Ric Flair and needs to earn a wage though. The Guy isn't made of money.
  9. Read up until Meltzer reports, then i quit. I dont care if wwe takes TNA talent, i want TNA taking wwe talent. For now, WWE should use the good cards they have before grabbing some new ones.
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  10. This is true. Instead of hiring new people, WWE should focus on using their current roster correctly.
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  11. WWE will never be friends with TNA so any TNA talent looking to get in WWE will never happen
  12. What is this? :haha:
  13. There are TNA guys who go to WWE.
  14. What world do you live in? This isnt a parkerbrothers game.
  15. Does this mean no flair???
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