WWE reporting Rollins, Orton and Cena returning June!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RVD_86, May 11, 2016.

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  1. How good is this gonna be?!?!?!?
  2. Source?
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  3. Well this is too fucking sweet. Orton being back is nice, hopefully he'll do something fresh as a heel for what may be his last run (put over Styles or someone, perhaps?). Cena needs the title back, presumably off Rusev, but hopefully they'll feud for a good couple of months and Rusev'll be kept strong. But the return of the open challenge, and the eventual putting over of an NXT guy in maybe a retirement match, is what's important. And Rollins just needs to straight return, babyface, FCW trunks, one month feud with a heel Reigns (they can have him join up with the evil corporate Vince, if that's what'll keep Dunn happy), and gets his belt back to a fucking explosion. Hype hype hype!
  4. I can feel the excitement levels already. Not so much Cena, but certainly Orton and in particular Seth Rollins coming back will be huge.

    I can see Orton feuding with AJ Styles and Seth going straight for Reigns and being his own guy without "The Authority". They will leave HHH and Rollins for later in the year I'd imagine as a build up for 2017's WM event!
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  5. Yep, it's real news anyway

    John Cena should be imediatley put back in the US title picture, maybe he can start Rusev feud part II? This way the champ is the old guard again, Rusev can return to being a great monster heel and he'll get put over.

    Randy Orton is anyone's guess... he should start putting over people too nowadays

    Seth Rollins should return as face, team with Ambrose and Reigns and take on The (Bullet) Club, after all that blows over he feuds with a heel Reigns for the WWE title because Rollins as the face is a bigger draw
  6. Best news I've heard in a while
  7. You should include a source in the OP, next time.

    Anyways, hopefully they disperse each return. It would suck the life and energy out of a return if it was followed up by another, so quickly.
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  8. I did in the subject header.....WWE!
  9. That's not proof though. Anyone can say WWE said something. I read this story last night, but for the people that didn't - they would want to see some actual proof.
  10. Awfully distrusting on here lol
  11. It's the internet. What do you expect.
  12. Ok I'll take my spanking like a man :finger:
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  13. Attitude era is returning!
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  14. orton could sort the busness out if they let him. just goive him the push he deserved as premier performer.

    rollins is a good lad. does the job. no friverlous nonsecne.

    jonny c is a shit worker. get him off my set.
  15. Cena will be making his return on Memorial Day.

    Also, figured Rollins and Orton would be back around June/July. That's awesome to hear.
  16. I think orton should hold all championships in WWE. The divas title as well. And the WWE should be called "Ortonville" where everyone truly bows to the king.
  17. Women's title, you silly boy :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  18. Why are they telling us this shit a random Rollins return would get a mega pop I hope he is on some Triple H shit and returns at Raw

    I missed Orton for some reason.
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