WWE reports YES! chants at major sporting events all over the US.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Not sure how much you can rely on WWE.com as a news source but in a recent article on the YES! phenomenon they claim that Daniel Bryans trademark YES! chants have been heard at major league basketball and major league baseball games all over the united states as well at every show during the current European tour. Guess who's over.


    Read more here.
  2. Daniel Bryan is going global
  3. Epic, hopefully they push this guy to the moon.
  4. Daniel Bryan. The Washington Wrangler. I hope they give him more of a edge now. Let him be more aggressive as we saw with Kofi on this weeks RAW.
  5. When I was at the Heat game day after RAW in Miami there were a lot of YES chants.

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  6. Haha this is quality and such good news for Bryan as hopefully it'll mean big things for him.
  7. Daniel Bryan can definitely say he is the best in the world.
  8. I love how WWE try their best with Twitter, Facebook, WWE.COM/Social and all that crap to get main stream which fails. But mistreat a top star who has a slogan and bam there you go, main stream. How are these basketball fans knowing about YES lol?
  9. "Gets chants all over the world... yet WWE still expects you to boo him"
  10. Knowing wwe they'll fuck this up.
    That's the truth.

    I'm from northern Ireland even I think the 18 second match was pure bullshit
  11. OMG! I forgot to tell you guys. I went to Six Flags Amusement Park last Sunday, and while I was waiting in line for a coaster, everyone on the coaster was chanting YES! YES! YES! and doing the fingers and everything. It was mostly college guys, but it was so cool to see people in real life that I don't know confusing every other person with an inside WWE joke. I was like "WHOA! I'm the only person that gets it!"
  12. First Six Flags well jealous.

    Second this #EPIC
  13. This whole thing makes me smile.


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  14. Guarantee the people chanting YES weren't DB fans at all, not even WWE fans. If you said "HEY YOU LIKE DANIEL BRYAN TOO :yay:" it'd end up with :okay:
  15. So he's the best technical wrestler in the world for a few years now and the most over in the WWE? With his chants becoming mainstream stuff? Well, that's better than Sheamus as a WHC as far as I'm concerned, but... it's still WWE.
    And I was already a DB fan before all of this started, I hope he gets really big.
  16. As Leo C says but I'm loving the fact it's a technical wrestler getting over of little gimmick!
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