WWE responds to protest against Linda McMahon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. SEScoops
  2. MOM! *annoyed kids voice*
  3. Bitches need to be slapped :obama:
  4. If anything WWE empowers women as everytime they have been pushed around for a storyline they have fought back!
  5. Lmao this whole campaign is going tits off. This is WWE's like fourth statement on her campaign so far -- all have been defending her against all sorts of claims.
  6. :dafuq: Go back to the kitchens.
  7. SESScoops :lol1:

  8. Are you stupid?
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  10. While WWE is right on this one, the crazies out there will band together as always. You can never stop the radicals, those people are the right combination of dedicated and insane.
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    Nope @[Crayola] I'm not why.[/align]
  12. Normally questions are ended with a question mark.

    ? <-------------------------------------------------------------------
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  13. (It's CTNewsJunkie, noobs at SEScoops. Proofread your shit.)

    As Mr. Cobalt just said, WWE's right on this and they have the facts to back it up. Still, this crazy amount of backlash towards her campaign can't be a good thing, can it? Most voters don't pay attention to actual important things and just go with the popular opinion, and things like this seem to sway that quite a bit. Controversy creates cash, but not votes.
  14. No Crayo, I'm not stupid, why?
    Because I pointed out you didn't know the website name correctly?

  15. Yeah, it's statistically proven that a larger (slightly, but larger) percent of women vote. With her obvious connection to wrestling, that's already a hit against her sadly. By constantly mentioning it, the moms are going to band together against the violence. It'll be kind of like in the South Park movie with them vs Canada.

    In the meantime, those same moms that bitch about WWE being "too violent" will go out and buy their 12 year olds Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty. Wrestling and violent games are both okay, the problem is the hypocrisy by people that one is good and one is bad.
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  16. This. Totally this.
  17. Yeah. If they raised their kids properly they wouldn't have problems. Very nice on mentioning the violent games there and how they're not the problem but WWE is. I hate how politics work and hypocrites also don't appeal to me a lot.
  18. Those mothers should be more open-minded here. Many of the women doing those spots in WWE want to be there and part of what is going on at the events. Women have choices and sometimes we make bad ones, but they are still ours to make. A mother is free to vote as she may, and tell her children to turn away from the violence. It's irritating to hear such things from women who have no idea that women love sports and very much want to be apart of this.
  19. Boring.
  20. PG? and it's still too violent? :dafuq: Here's an idea, if it's too violent, don't let your kids fucking watch it.
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