WWE Network Special WWE Roadblock 2016 Discussion

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Here's a topic to discuss what can be the biggest filler special ever, except for the Dean vs. Triple H match.

    WWE should:
    Pull a swerve and have Dean win

    WWE will:
    Have Bork cost Dean

    Simple really
  2. I am all for Bork Laser beating the snot out of him after the match. lol Ambrose takes a beating almost as good as @Shadow taking one from his boyfriend.
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  3. Girls just didn't hit hard enough. Sorry
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  4. i will fuck solidus
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  5. Brock better cost Ambrose the match, the only way Dean should win is if he drops it back to Triple H the following night... Anyway, i'm just glad Toronto gets a decent show, it should be a good event being there live.
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  6. I can't wait for next weekend. My first WWE event in 13 years I'll be attending. And possibly the last for quite some time.
    Why the name change though? I like this name better but I just heard it on tv last night.

    I'm hoping ambrose wins the title in an epic match like no dq or something. And I also want to see Brock go wild on the Wyatts. Everyone else could be...umm ok I suppose. Hoping Shane o mac makes a little appearance too!
    So glad he's back
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  7. Even though Ambrose/HHH will have a DQ ending, I'm looking forward to it, as well as Lesnar vs Harper.
  8. This has been added to the card:
  9. Here's to hoping we get Mauro Ranallo on commentary at Roadblock.
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  10. Cole was actually damn good at the last special. Don't mind him at all without Vince in his ears.
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  11. SAWFTTTT!!!!!
  12. Oh, I wouldn't mind Cole without a monkey in his ears either.
  13. Wait, I thought he was originally scheduled to face Harper?
  14. They decided they'd rather fuck Bray Wyatt's character over again instead.

    I was hoping when they changed plans about them having a match at Wrestlemania that they'd at least do a program between them at Summerslam, but I guess letting Brock kill Wyatt on some random Special is more preferable to them.
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  15. Sweet Brock vs bray should be good. Although it too will most likely end in a DQ after the rest of them join in and give Brock a beating.
  16. Reigns is no longer being advertised for any live events this weekend, including Roadblock.
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  17. Oh dang, he not competing now?
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