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    Chairman: Chris Hawk​
    Television Shows:​
    WWE Presents Monday Night Raw​
    Pay Per Views:​
    January: Royal Rumble​
    February: No Way Out​
    March: Nothing​
    April: Wrestlemania​
    May: Extreme Rules​
    June: Payback​
    July: Money In The Bank​
    August: Summerslam​
    September: Night Of Champions​
    October First Half: Over The Limit​
    October Second Half: Hell In A Cell​
    November: Survivor Series​
    December: Tables Ladders and Chairs​
    WWE-ROH Championship:
    Bryan Danielson
    WWE-ROH X-Division Champion:
    Adrian Neville
    WWE-ROH World Heavyweight Championship:
    Cody Rhodes
    Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins
    Catch Up:
    So I have done this on another site for a while now so here is the catch up.
    At Payback a shocking announcement was made when WWE announced a merge with ROH, A group sparked up and cost Austin Aries the WWE-ROH Championship, Kevin Steen and Bryan Danielson were the leaders, The group consists of: The Briscoe Brothers, Kings Of Wrestling, Jimmy Jacobs, Jay Lethal, Kevin Steen and Bryan Danielson. Chris Sabin won a number one contenders match to face Bryan at HIAC. Aries is feuding with Steen.
    Jay Lethal and Adrian Neville are feuding for the X-Division title which will end in an Ultimate X Match at HIAC.
    Cody Rhodes is feuding with Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler being the face.
    Wade Barrett will be taking on William Regal in the UK on Raw, Wade has an announcement to make before hand.
    Kings Of Wrestling are feuding with The Usos.
    LAX are feuding with Shield for the titles after they stole them after becoming the number one contenders.
    Thats whats going down, Will post the next episode soon!

  2. WWE-ROH:
    Intro Voice: Tonight on the newest edition of WWE-ROH, We come live from the O2 arena in London in a sell out show. Kevin Steen and Daniel Bryan continue their rampage through the WWE-ROH as new members revealed left and right, Jay Lethal and Adrian Neville settle their differences as Jay and a select ROH member take on British Ambition in their own turf! Cody Rhodes address the WWE-ROH fans about his actions last week and *Clips of Michael Elgin play* Unbreakable Michael Elgin makes his debut! ALL THIS AND MORE!
    *Bryan and Steen walk out, No other ROH guys. Just these men alone*
    Steen: People seem to have this fake idea that we want to tear WWE to the ground and kick it under the rug as we turn into Ring Of Honor but it isnt true. Ring Of Honor was dying and has been for years, There was no honor left there, We left blood, sweat and tears in that ring just to go backstage to Jim Cornette being a complete b**ch about your match, I then got handed my under payment and went home and came back and did the same thing. There was no passion for what I was doing, There was no love for it anymore, We were all just clocking it in and there was no fight. Until now, Now we fight back, I know Jim Cornette is back there pis**ng himself at the sight of us but we are here. We are here and we will fight to bring back to honor not only back to ROH but to bring it to WWE.
    Bryan: The first step of that was me winning this world title and I done that all by myself and that made Vince McMahonn cringe at the sign of me with this title. The next plan was to keep this title around my waist, And we did exactly that and will do the same at Hell In A Cell, As per the norm I will face Chris Sabin for this title inside a Hell In A Cell, This doesn't worry me, It excites me, It means that because that means I get to inflict pain on the man who thinks he can even stand on my level and even challenge for my title, Let me tell you about this guy Chri-
    *Sabin walks out on stage*
    Sabin: I cant stand on your level? The level you stand at is you cant even beat Mr Aries without the help of your little flunkies, As a matter of fact where are they? You are nev-
    *KOW attack Sabin, Steen and Bryan get out the ring and help KOW, Uso's and Aries run out and its an all out brawl on the ramp, Nigel McGuiness walks out*
    Nigel: Wrap it up men, Wrap it up!
    *Security breaks up the brawl*
    Nigel: Now if you all want to fight do it like real men, Inside that ring tonight, So tonight it will be Kevin Steen and Daniel Bryan Vs Austin Aries and Chris Sabin, But next is The Uso's Vs The Kings Of Wrestling, Get into that ring boys!
    *Ad Break*
    Opening Match: KOW Vs Uso's:
    Cesaro and Jimmy lock up, Cesaro takes him over, Jimmy reverses into headscissors, Cesaro kicks out to his feet and clotheslines Jimmy, Cesaro takes him into the corner and tags in Ohno, Cesaro locks in an abdominal stretch and Ohno hits a kick into Jimmy's gut, Cesaro goes to the apron, Ohno hits a snap suplex on Ohno, Ohno covers and a 2 count, Ohno sends Jimmy off the ropes, Ohno goes for a clothesline but Jimmy ducks, Ohno runs at Jimmy but Jimmy hits a leg lariat, Jimmy fires up and hits 2 flying forearms, He tags in Jey and they hit a double dropkick, Jey climbs up top and goes for a splash but Ohno gets the knees up, Ohno locks in a chin lock and pulls Jey's hair and breaking it after 4, Ohno drags over to KOW's corner, Ohno tags Cesaro, Cesaro goes up top, He stands on Ohono shoulders and hits a double footstomp, Cesaro pins and a 2 count, Cesaro starts throwing punches into Jey, Cesaro sends Jey off the ropes, Goes for the line, Jey ducks, Jey goes for the line, Cesaro ducks, They both go for the line and BANG, Both men are down and the ref begins the count, Jey tags Jimmy, Cesaro tags in Ohno, Jimmy hits 2 arm drags and then a rana, Jimmy fires up, He climbs up top and hits the big splash, He covers Ohno, 1 2 and a kick out, Jimmy gets the crowd going, He runs for a superkick, Ohno catches it and hits the elbow, He pins and a 2 count, Ohno starts talking to Cesaro about a game plan, Jimmy runs at him but Ohno moves and Cesaro punches Jimmy, They start double teaming Jimmy and Jey tries to interfere but teh ref holds him back not seeing whats going on, Ohno lows blows Jimmy when the ref cant see and rolls Jimmy up, Cesaro shouts for the ref to turn around and he does, 1 2 3. KOW win, Jey starts fighting the KOW but KOW take control and throw him out of the ring as they stand tall.
    *Screen cuts to Cody Rhodes backstage to a lot of heat*
    Josh Matthews: Im here with the WHC Cody Rhodes, Cody how do you explain your actions last week?
    Cody: I dont need to explain my actions to anyone, He beat Alberto Del Rio so what, I dont believe he deserves to even get a chance against me in a non title match but hey I dont make the rules, I just break em. Last week I sent a message to Dolph and these fans why I am the world champion and I dont care if they dont like it, I do what I want, When I want because this title proves im the best.
    *Cody walks off*
    *Ad Break*
    Match 2, 3MB Vs LAX:
    *LAX come out with their stolen titles*
    *3MB are already in the ring, Jinder and Slater (McIntyre has split from 3MB)*
    Hernandez and Jinder start, Hernandez starts throwing huge punches into Jinder, Hernandez throws him like a rag doll to the other side of the ring, Hernandez hits a big vertical suplex, He tags in Homicide who hits the frog splash, Hernandez hits Slater with and a big boot and LAX pick up the win.
    *Shield walks through the crowd, They out number LAX and beat them down, They takes their titles and stand tall*
    *AD Break*
    *Shield are backstage with their titles*
    Ambrose: Homicide, Hernandez. LAX, Former champions. The main word being FORMER. Just because you think you deserve a shot as these titles does not give you the right to steal a title we have had to earn, You steal our titles then we have a problem, So now we have a problem we will settle it, Hell In A Cell, In 2 weeks in the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, LAX Vs The Shield for these tag team titles, Justice will hurt.
    *Ambrose and The Shield walk off*
    William Regal Vs Wade Barrett, Home Town Brawl (No stipulation just a name):
    *Regal walks down to the ring to a great reaction*
    *Barrett walks out with the European Championship in his hand with a mic*
    Barrett: Ladies and gentlemen of my lovely home country, This is a title, A REAL title, This title has been held by real men with one exception, William Regal, He was never the man, Like im the man, He has never been world champion or even come close to it but tonight since im a generous man, You get your shot at this title.
    Wade throws strikes into Regal, Regal backs into the corner and breaks it, Regal hits a shot on Barrett knocking him down, Regal hits a clothesline on Barrett, Regal throws wade over the top to the outside as we go to an ad break, We come back to Regal having Barrett in a rest hold, Barrett fires up, He breaks the hold, Hits a back kick to Regal's gut, he hits the ropes and hits a big boot, Barrett covers for a 2 count, Barrett places Regal in the corner, He ties up the arms and hits some chops, Regal headbutts Wade, Crowd pops, Regal breaks free and starts laying into Wade, He hits strikes and chops but takes a hard knee from Barrett, Barrett sends Regal off and hits a big back elbow, Barrett argues with the ref, The ref cant see Barrett has his knee on Regal's throat choking him, The ref spots it and pushes Wade off at 4, Regal gets a roll up, 1 2 NO! kickout! Regal seems stunned, Wade gets up quick and kicks Regal in the head as he sits amazed, Wade covers and a 2 count, Wade gets into the corner, He sets up for the bullhamer, He runs at Regal, Regal rolls up, 1 2 and a kick out, Barrett kicks down Regal, He grabs the brass knuckles used by Regal often, He tells the ref that someone is jumping the barricade and hits Regal, He throws away the knucks and covers, 1 2 3. Barrett steals it. Barrett kicks Regal a bit as Regal rolls out of the ring, Barrett stands tall as he gets heat from his home town. Regal is being checked by the doctors as Barrett takes his title, He spits in Regal's face.
    *AD Break*
    *Barrett is backstage with Josh Matthews*
    Josh: Im here with Wade Barrett, Wade what happen-
    *Wade grabs the mic*
    Wade: Shut up Josh, Go back to your day job.
    Now onto William Regal, That pathetic slimy vile creature tried to take away my title and failed at the hands of his own weapon, I dont respect that man, He has done nothing for me since I get here so I will re pay the favour and I did that tonight, I knocked his lights out and he is sitting backstage in the doctors office getting checked for a concussion! You know what lets go see him
    *Wade makes the camera follow him into the doctors office, No one is there*
    Wade: Where the bloody hell is he?!!?
    *Regal comes from behind attacking Wade, Wade gets up and Regal hits the running knee*
    *AD Break*
    *British Ambition hit the ring, They are embraced very well in their home town*
    *Jacobs and Lethal are already in the ring*
    Neville throws kicks, One catches Lethal in the head, Lethal rolls out of the ring, Jacobs runs in but Neville throws him over the top and out, Grey runs in, Neville and Grey hit the ropes! Neville hits a flip to the outside and Grey hits a suicide dive to the outside onto Jacobs and Lethal, The crowd explodes.
    *AD Break*
    We come back to Lethal in a head lock from Neville, Neville hits a takedown, Lethal grabs him into the leg lock, Neville kicks up from it, Lethal runs, Neville hits an arm drag, Then another then a big huricanranna, Lethal takes a big bump, Lethal tags Jacobs and Neville tags Grey, Grey hits a leg lariat on Jacobs, Then an arm drag and finally a dropkick, Grey fires up, He picks up Jacobs but Jacobs rakes the eyes of Grey, Jacobs hits a dropkick taking Grey down, Jacobs starts locking in rest holds and using dirty moves, Grey throws Jacbs off the ropes, Grey throws a line, Jacobs ducks, Jacobs throws a line, Grey ducks, Both men throw lines and both men are down, At the count of 8 Lethal and Neville get tagged in, Neville hits some different huricanrannas, Neville hits a big kick to Lethal's head, Neville climbs up top, He stands up, Jacobs pushes him down but Neville hits a frog splash, Grey throws Jacobs off the apron, Neville covers, 1! 2! 3! Neville and Grey embrace the home town crowd, Jacobs and Lethal attack, They throw Grey out of the ring, Jacobs stomps Neville, Jacobs holds Neville standing, Lethal hits the handstand off the ropes and lethal injection! Lethal grabs the X-Division Title, He holds it high and throws it on Neville's gut.
    *AD Break*
    *Nigel McGuiness walks out to the ring, He has a great reaction*
    Nigel: I have had a long long career, I have faced the best of the best, I have been world champion, I have done what I knew I was born to do. I have lived my childhood dream. I have traveled the world and done this because I love it. I grew up not far from here in England and trained here, This is my home. This is my life and its over. I am not able to do this anymore. I retired from the ring and moved onto being General Manager of WWE-ROH and I am not mentally or phisically able to do the travel schedule and watch these men do what I used to do in this ring, I have to retire.
    *Nigel starts to tear up as do hardcore fans in the crowd*
    I have to wrap up and leave my boots in the middle of this ring, I dont need to take a flight home, I dont need to even drive home, I can just walk with the relief of knowing I quit on my terms. My career will end on my terms in my home town, With my home people, In my country! I have faced everyone I have ever dreamed of facing, I have had 5 star matches with guys like Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries and more that I dont even have time to list. I dont want to leave on a sad note, I want to leave happy, I want all of you to be happy and pleased for me, Im happy and content with what I have done in my career and I want you to look back at my matches and be happy. I am happy and you all should be too, My career is over. Thank you.
    *Thank You Nigel chants begin*
    *Nigel walks up the ramp, He has tears running down his face, He stands on the stage and raises his hand and mouths "Thank You, Thank you very much"*
    Announcer: Nigel McGuiess has left the building folks.
    *Video Tribute to Nigel plays instead of an AD Break*
    Michael Elgin Vs Ryback
    *Elgin gets a good reaction*
    *Ryback got NO reaction*
    Ryback runs at Elgin but Elgin just rams into Ryback winding him, Elgin throws strikes into Ryback, Elgin picks up Ryback, Ryback hits a few ounches, Ryback hits the ropes, He hits the meathook, Elgin barely stumbles, Ryback seems shocked, Ryback hits the ropes again, He hits another Meathook, Elgin stumbles, Ryback hits the ropes again, ELgin hits a discuss clothesline knocking Ryback down, Elgins covers, 1 2 and a kick out, Elgin throws Ryback into the corner like a rag doll, He hits chops on Ryback leaving a mark, Ryback throws strikes back, Ryback pushes him away and hits a kick to the knee taking Elgin down, Ryback throws more and more strikes in Elgin but Elgin pushes him off and into the corner, Elgin rams inro Ryback in the corner, Ryback stumbles out, Elgin goes for it, Elgin Bomb! Elgin goes up top, moonsault, Cover! 1! 2! 3!
    *Elgin has his hand raised, Lethal and Jacobs run down to the ring, They have an ROH shirt, They hand it to Elgin, He puts it on, Only to rip it off, He hits a double lariat on Jacobs and Lethal and walks to the back with his hand raised showing he stands alone*
    *Steen and Bryan are backstage*
    Steen: Tonight ROH face the 2 men who claim to be the best in the business, They are wrong they know it and we know it, They are clueless idiots who are fu**ing with us, You dont want to mess with us.
    Bryan: Austin you already failed, You dont need a shot at this title, Move along. Aries wants my title well since you already lost you need to go to the end of the line, And this man is there waiting for you
    *Points at Kevin Steen*
    Steen: You think that my attacks on you were random? You think I just attacked you because of Bryan? No, I have always and always will focus my attention on you, I will take you out, I sat for years and watched you waste everything I tried to earn in ROH, I destroyed El Generico or Sami Zayn or whatever he calls himself nowadays and you are next, At Hell In A Cell, You know what match I want you in, I want an all out brawl inside a steel structure that not one of us have experienced before, It will be hell for you, I will destroy you and leave you a bloody heap in the middle of that ring, Hell In A Cell marks the end of Austin Aries.
    Bryan: That moves me onto Chris Sabin, I dont care that you beat CM Punk, I dont care you are the No.1 Contender. You cant hide inside that cell, You may be able to break out but then what? You run away and your title shot is gone. You need to fight me and thats exactly what it will be, Not a match. A FIGHT.
    *Bryan and Steen walk off*
    Main Event:
    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is a Grudge Match, There will be NO DQ in this match but ROH are banned from ringside!
    *Steen and Danielson walk out to the ring*
    Announcer: Introducing first, Mr Wrestling Kevin Steen and the WWE-ROH World Champion, Bryan Danielson, RING OF HONOR!
    *Steen and Danielson climb into the ring and stand tall on the second rope*
    *Sabin and Aries walk out*
    Announcer: And their opponents, Chris Sabin and Austin Aries!
    Sabin and Steen start off, Sabin runs in for a high knee, Steen catches it and throws Sabin down, He starts stomping away at Sabin, Sabin rolls into the bottom of the corner, Steen goes for the rolling senton but Sabin rolls out of the ring, Steen rolls in pain and tags Danielson, He hits the ropes and suicide dives onto Sabin, Danielson lands on his feet and taunts fans, Danielson rolls into the ring as Sabin follows, Danielson kicks Sabin in the chest knocking him down, Sabin dives to tag Aries but Danielson grabs him away and taunts Aries, Sabin fights back, He throws punches and breaks the hold, Bang! Dropkick from Sabin, Sabin climbs up top, Aries tags in, Sabin hits the top rope dropkick on Danielson as he gets up, Aries goes up, 450 spla- NO! Danielson gets the knees up, Danielson starts kicking Aries' gut, Danielson chops Aries, Danielson tags Steen, Steen hits the rolling senton in the corner, Steen taunts the crowd, Sabin stumbles out of the corner, Roll up on Steen, 1 2 NO! Sabin stands up and BANG! Falcon punch from Steen taking a page from the SSB. Steen covers and a 2 count, Steen drags Sabin to Bryan, Tags in Bryan and they stomp on Sabin, Aries runs in and starts brawling but Steen hits a kick, Package piledriver! Danielson goes up top, Diving headbutt, 1! 2! - NO! Sabin breaks the pin, Sabin starts throwing punches at Steen, Steen backs up on the rope, Sabin runs and dives onto Steen and both men fall out of the ring, Bryan gets up, Aries hits a kick, Barinbuster, Aries pins 1 2 nope, Bryan kicks out, Aries gets up, Sabin climbs into the ring, Aries throws Bryan out of the ring, Sabin and Aries hit the ropes and both hit big dives onto the outside on Steen and Danielson, As the no DQ rule the ref cannot count out either team, Steen crawls away, Sabin and Aries stomp on Danielson, Steen grabs a chair, And he throws it at Aries' head, Aries falls down out cold, Sabin runs at Steen but is hit with a kick to the gut, Steen hits chops on Sabin, Sabin drops to the ground, Steen stomps, Aries grabs the chair, BANG! Aries hits the chair off Steen's head, Aries holds the chair near his gut, Bryan gets up, KICK! Right onto that chair, Aries leans against the ring apron, Bryan hits the running dropkick on Aries, Sabin hits a superkick and throws Bryan into the ring, He pins, 1 2 and a kickout, Steen runs in, SENTON! Steen pins Sabin, 1 2 and Aries drags Steen out of the ring, Bryan starts throwing kicks to the chest of Sabin, Screaming YES! everytime, he backs uo, he is going for the head kick, Sabin ducks, roll up! 1 2 3! Sabin pulls the win, But Steen and Danielson attack, Aries tries to help but ROH get the upper hand, Here comes American Wolves and KOW, But The Usos run down too!
    Nigel runs down the ramp and into the ring, Aries is being beat, ROH pull Aries up, Nigel hits a clothesline on ARIES! Nigel starts beating Aries, Sabin runs at Nigel but Nigel hits the Pendulum Lariat! Nigel signals for the top rope, Steen puts Sabin on the top rope, Nigel walks up, Tower Of London! Nigel removes his shirt to show an ROH shirt as ROH walk off to a TON of heat from Nigel's home town crowd.
    *Screen fades to black*
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