Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2015: Early Match Card Predictions for the Pay-Per-View

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  1. TLC got messed up, period! WWE will be looking to shift gears for their next pay-per-view outing which will also kick off the road to WrestleMania.

    Due to the tradition it carries, there is a lot of pressure on the company to make look Royal Rumble good and unlike the last outing where a developmental show outclassed an actual WWE PPV, the margin for error is nil.

    Stars will be born and some others will fall when the show finally goes down and though it might be a bit too early to imagine how the match card would turn out to be, here is a look at the possible path that WWE would take for Royal Rumble.

    #7 Nikki Bella vs. Natalya (Divas Championship)
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    Personally, I would like to see Paige as the next challenger for Divas Championship but since its Vince McMahon who runs WWE, we might have to settle for Natalya or someone else other than AJ Lee.

    AJ working against Nikki for the Divas title at Royal Rumble is unlikely due to the matches they’ve already had. The company needs to find someone different for the scenario and Natalya is the favorite since she is having a jealousy angle involving Tyson Kidd.

    There is a lot of potential in the Natalya – Kidd angle and incorporating it into the Divas title and letting AJ take a breather would work wonders. They could then pit the idea of Nikki vs. AJ for WrestleMania where the divas could have a solid match.

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  2. Nikki Bella as Divas champion... LOL

    Everything else that's written there is pretty much set in stone. They forgot about Ryback vs Rusev, though.

    Reigns vs Big Show? Finish off with that feud before the Rumble, if it happens at the Rumble, it has clusterfuck written all over it.
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  3. Should edit the title seeing as this is in reference to the RR of 2015 not this past RR in 2014 11 months ago.
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  4. The Usos win the Tag Team Titles from Mizdow at the Royal Rumble. And in the subsequent weeks following the Rumble, Miz and Sandow split ways and have a singles match at Fast Lane in February.

    Brock Lesnar somehow retains against Cena and Rusev retains the US Title against Ryback (they might book a countout/disqualification/no contest for the latter to protect both guys.)

    As far as the Rumble match itself is concerned:

    -Ziggler stays in the match longer than anyone, maybe even entering at #1 or #2 and lasting through almost the entire thing.
    -Roman Reigns wins it by eliminating either Rollins, Rusev or Big Show last
    -Unless Reigns breaks his own elimination record again (this time by eliminating 13 people), then Rusev or Big Show will likely throw out more people than anyone. I'm guessing they're building towards Reigns vs Big Show at Fast Lane so that Reigns can look strong going over "The World's Largest Athlete" prior to his match with Lesnar, so perhaps they'll book the Big Show as a serious giant up until that point and have him dominate people in the Rumble or something.
  5. While reasonable, I hate almost all of this. Ziggler being in a long time with Rollins imo is pretty much a guarantee, but New day beating Star/golddust and Uso's beating miz/mizdow is pretty well set in stone. Lesnar winning cheap will be a horrible bummer to make him not look like the beast he was the last time he destroyed Cena....and Rusev vs Ryback I think will be great, i'm generally interested on how it ends up going down. I expect Big Show to help Rusev or someone else no one gives a shit about.

    Either way, not too juiced for this RR tbh, isn't Fast Lane an app? Is that 100% certain as the next ppv after RR?
  6. I see Miz & Sandow splitting at Fast Lane and having the singles match at WM, looking at what would be on the card there's definitely room for that match to take place.. I think Miz & Sandow retain at RR and then the Ascension immediately enter as powerhouses or someone other than the Usos ends up champs.
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    Cena vs Lesnar for the WWEWHC - Lesnar retains.

    The Usos vs Miz and Mizdow - Naomi comes out and distracts Jimmy Uso allowing Miz to get the pinfall.. tension is hinted at between Miz and Mizdow.

    Nikki Bella vs Naomi for the Divas title - Naomi wins due to betrayal by Nikki's sister Brie.. Bella vs Bella feud begins.

    Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler rematch or Harper vs Erick Rowan.

    Rusev vs Ryback for the US title - Ryback wins by DQ, Rusev retains, feud continues..

    Roman Reigns vs Big Show.. Rollins and J&J Security interfere but cost Big Show the match on accident.

    Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose.. Ambrose wins

    Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins or Ziggler vs Harper rematch for the IC title. Dolph retains..

    Seth Rollins vs Ziggler or whoever else lol... they don't have anything solid for Seth now.. Ziggler should be the next big feud for him.

    Generic Divas 4 v 4 tag match.

    and of course.. the Rumble. Most likely a few surprise ECW entrants with the show being in Philly. Hopefully they can get Sandman to do a 1 time appearance.. and maybe even Sabu. Hopefully not RVD. Reigns wins with 15 (half the entrants) eliminations with Big Show being the last eliminated in order to squash their little feud.

    Kick Off match - Kane vs Adam Rose and the Bunny.. handicap match.
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  8. Booking Show vs Reigns at the Rumble has clusterfuck written all over it. If you wanna build-up Reigns for his moment of glory at WM31, then let him put the giant out of his misery before the Rumble.
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  9. - Cena vs Lesnar - Lesnar retains (hopefully)

    - Miz and Mizdow retain. Fuck the lame Usos.

    - Some divas match. LOL

    - Harper vs Rowan would be better to do than Harper vs DZ, imo.

    - Rusev vs Ryback - Yup. I agree here.

    - I'd write off Reigns vs Show. That'd be a clusterfuck. Reigns doesn't really tickle my fancy, but let the little 'golden boy' put the Big Slow out of his misery before the Rumble.

    - Wyatt vs Ambrose - Ambrose wins. Agreed.

    - Rollins vs Orton (maybe) or Rollins vs DZ. Rollins vs DZ seems more plausible, to me it seems like Orton's gonna be a surprise entrant in the Rumble match, or he may return to screw Rollins out of the victory and then participate in the Rumble match. We'll see.

    - Kane vs Rose and Bunny. LOL
  10. They have to plant the seed for a Show face turn (for the thousandth time)... thus why I made the prediction I made.

    Roman Reigns vs Big Show.. Rollins and J&J Security interfere but cost Big Show the match on accident.

    and then.. Rumble match.. Reigns wins with 15 (half the entrants) eliminations with Big Show being the last eliminated in order to squash their little feud.

    If they squash the feud before the Rumble then that means that Reigns has no match at the Rumble.. or who would he compete against? Fandango?
  11. The Big Slow is irrelevant.

    Why would Reigns compete in a match at the Rumble and then go on to compete in the Rumble match itself? Seems meh to me.
  12. Show is more relevant than anyone else Reigns could compete against.. most of the mid card match participants take part in the Rumble as well as an individual match.. I'm sure Ziggler, Harper, Rowan, Rusev and Ryback will all be in the Rumble.

    Doesn't really matter to me.. just makes more sense that with Reigns just coming back that he would wrestle an individual match as well as the Rumble.
  13. No, I'm not shitting on your point, I get it, actually. It's quite possible of happening, but it seems meh to me.

    Yeah, having him defeat Show before the actual Rumble match would make him look badass, in the eyes of those ultimate marks. Not in mine, though.
  14. Yeah, with the whole Show not getting knocked down by the Superman Punch thing that happened.. I figure the ending to the Rumble will be Reigns hitting Show with a Superman Punch that knocks him over the top rope.. and Cole and Lawler screaming "He hit him so hard he flew out of the ring!".. just seems like a WWE thing to do.
  15. Yeah, I can definitely see that happening, but I doubt it'll come to Reigns/Show being the last two men.
    Reigns will definitely be in the final four, and probably winning, sadly. But then again, it's okay if he wins the Rumble and then goes on to conquer The Beast, as long as Rollins cashes in on him that very night at WM31.
  16. Obviously Brock Lesnar should win clean to look as unbeatable as possible heading into his match Reigns at Wrestlemania, but I could just as well see them having Cena's Wrestlemania opponent (Rusev being the obvious candidate) interfering and costing Cena the title to plant the seeds for their match at Mania. They might figure Lesnar beating the Streak and decimating Cena the way he did at Summerslam is more than enough to sell him as a huge threat to Reigns without feeling the need to job Cena out to Brock cleanly for a second time.

    As for Fast Lane, I haven't seen any posters or commercials for it yet, but tickets for it went on sale almost two weeks ago, so it's more or less certain at this point, yes. Word is they're moving the Elimination Chamber PPV to June now.

    Maybe, but with all the rumored/planned matches that we're already hearing about for Wrestlemania - Lesnar/Reigns, Sting/HHH, Undertaker/Wyatt, Cena/Rusev, etc. - I question whether they'll be able to make room for a Miz vs Sandow match on the card. And to add to the previously mentioned lineup, we'll likely get Nikki/Brie for the Diva's Title, a Tag Team Title match of some sort (probably The Usos dropping the straps to The Ascension), maybe an Intercontinental Title match (they've been making steps this year to repair the damage done to the prestige of the title), and then there's talent like Orton, Ambrose, and Rollins that you just know will end up somewhere on the card as well. And they don't typically have more than seven or eight matches on the main card these days.
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  17. As I can see, they're keeping Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton for Wrestlemania 31, and I'm so fine with this decision. It's a big match with a great rivaly in the back, and deserves to take place on the greatest place of them all, WM.

    I see Rollins being one of the last competitors in the Royal Rumble then Orton returning in that match. At Fast Lane, had a filler match with different opponents. As I heard, Orton will face Kane and Rollins will have a six man tag team match.

    These are just rumors so far, the plans can quickly change.
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    Yup, Rollins vs Orton at WM31, that seems to be the case.

    Quite frankly, I don't see Rollins participating in the Royal Rumble match.
    There's no point in having Rollins in the Rumble, simply because he's already got his secured title shot with that MITB briefcase... Unless they're planning on taking that briefcase away from him at the Rumble, which I would absolutely hate. Don't put him in the Rumble match for the sake of him just being there.

    Rollins will most likely face Ziggler at the Rumble, Orton's gonna interfere to screw Rollins out of the victory and continue the feud all the way through Mania.

    EDIT: Totally forgot Ambrose vs Rollins needs to culminate at Mania! Fuck, that feud's been sidetracked, but they could easily pick up on it.

    So, Rollins could face Orton at Fast Lane, since it's a filler PPV after all, and then face Ambrose at WM31.
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