Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2016: PREDICTIONS CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jan 22, 2016.

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  2. Prizes:

    1st place: $2000 forum cash, 3 months Legend membership, and user chooses the next username colors in the shop
    2nd place: $1000 forum cash, 1 month Legend membership
    3rd place: $500 forum cash and a congratulatory hug from @Aids Johnson (null and void if drunk)
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  3. Think I did best case scenario, aside from the diva's match. Becky should win but most likely won't.

    Purple should always be a username color option btw.
  4. If I win 3rd place, can I have a hug from you instead of @Aids Johnson ? I don't want to.... ya know... Catch anything... :henry2:
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  5. I like how Roman Reigns is already typed in :dawg:

    Spoilers; I win. :pipebomb:
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  6. So who else thinks Dolph Ziggler is gonna win the Rumble?
  7. I picked A.J. Styles for the RR winner =D
  8. Just wanna clarify, HHH entering himself #31 and winning does NOT count as a clean victory. If anyone answered yes for clean victory expecting that, let me know and I can change your answer.
  9. I think HHH will come out at #30.. I'll be watching live Sunday night and will try and be active in the live discussion for the first time in months.
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  10. #30 is a clean victory.
  11. Picked Trips, if I pick the colors, one of them gunna be rainbows :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: and doesn't matter, will be unclean no matter what with help from the Wyatts, or Bray wins it all like I said a few times as a shocker, I picture Trips in a dark office in the future with the Wyatts as his henchmen
  12. Vince doesn't even know who the hell Dolph is lol
  13. Done! Come at me #1... #2 or #3 prize! :Littlefinger:

    Thanks for doing this, Soli.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. No. [​IMG]
  16. Reigns wins lol.
  17. Results?

    Asking because I wanna know how badly I did. lol
  18. 1st place: @Declandimi with 9 correct
    2nd place: Myself with 8 correct
    3rd place: @CM Shaddix with 6 correct

    Users such as Kid, Solidus, and Alexb had 5. The rest who entered had less than that.

    @Solidus. Give my 1 month of Legend to Alexb.
  19. Prizes given.
    @Declandimi you can choose the next 2 username colors in the store, if you wish.
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