Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble Predictions of 2014! Video

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  2. -Lords of Magic is for dweebs dude. I won't be buying it.
    -turn your fucking TV down
    -Center, not Central.
    -TFA! TFA! TFA!
    -NAO best ever? oh hell no! Road Warriors, dumbass! Dudley Boyz, dumbass! The Steiners, dumbass! British Bulldogs, dumbass! The Outlaws were barely even together for like 3 years total lmao
    -You actually made a of sense talking about the Henry/Show/Lesnar situation :obama: . Except you said worser :pity: and Horribler :pity2:
    -You are blind if you don't see why Reigns is a fucking beast. there is more to life than MIC SKILLS and RASSLIN SKILLS!
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  3. Lords of Magic was an EPIC GAME BACK IN DAY THE AHEAD OF TIME WHEN MADE! And New Age Outlaws was the best team that be RW to win title or have u forgot about that! That are team in term of wrestling matchest and mic skill! That did not need tables to get over! that have great work as a team and great mic skill to sell there team! which why HHH and HBK wanted then on DX b/c that did not wanted over then. As new age outlaws were so OVER back in 1997! so HHH and HBK wanted then on DX so that would under lines to then. That were why there were on DX!

    REIGNS IS NOT FUCK WINNING RUMBLE PLAIN AND SAMLPE! and he does not have mic skills his wrestler avange at best! He ownly getting push b/c of mustle which is think is BOLD SHIT! when u got guys who are better then him wrestling right now as mid card who wait longer then him to get a push! AND MY TV NOT LONG! STFU!
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  4. +1 for that. "Fuck winning" needs to be a thing.

    Also, the #1 entrant in the RR has only won the rumble once, that was Shawn Michaels. I don't know where you got the other one since the 2004 rumble never happened.
  5. It happened, but there's a warning label for it.
  6. Can't focus on the video due to the fucking TV.
  7. UH IT DID FUCKIN HAVE BEEN CHIRS BENOIT WON IT! Get playing agme I don't give a show is u wanted take jobes about it b/c wwe des not show him anymore the fact it did have been. and though that is no said of the name benoit wwe still said the same amount of winner that enter with number 30 has won the same amount of winner who have got the number 1 spot!
  8. Did you say Bray'd Wyatt?
  9. NObody really thinks Reigns is winning, but he was shitting on Reigns for 'not having Ambrose mic work' or 'Rollins ring work' just proving his lack of eye for talent. But what can you expect from the world's most pathetic CM Punk mark?
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