News WWE runs angle with Strowman confronting Fury at the Performance Center

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We’re just over one week away from Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where boxing champion Tyson Fury will have his first pro wrestling match against Braun Strowman. In preparation for as much, he’s been doing work down at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Naturally, WWE got an angle out of it.

As you can see in the video above, Strowman showed up during a training session and knocked Fury on his ass with a shoulder bump. Fury immediately started selling his ankle, for some reason. WWE quickly sent out a press release playing up an injury:

In preparation for his in-ring debut at WWE Crown Jewel, Fury has been deep in training at the WWE Performance Center looking to perfect his new craft. In the middle of today’s training session, Braun Strowman dished out a rude lesson of his own and blindsided The Gypsy King with a vicious hit.

The attack left the lineal heavyweight champion clearly hobbled and fuming over the surprise assault by The Monster Among Men.

Will Fury be fully healed for WWE Crown Jewel or will the attack tip the scales in the direction of the mighty Strowman?
That’s certainly one way to go about this!

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