WWE Saturday Morning Slam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Austin 3:16, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. This is something, that WWE does to please the kids. They have completely sold out for this family friendly entertaiment... :finger: :facepalm:
  2. It was family friendly in the 80's...
  3. *completely*


    Everyone knows that and so do I.

    :pity: :haha:
  4. Wrong section brother, threads like this should be in "General WWE"

    But yeah, I hate the concept of this show, and how PG WWE is nowadays, I guess you have to roll with it.
  5. WWE wasn't G rated in the 80's and Saturday Morning Slam is "G RATED" , which is worse than "PG" I the 80's we had great wrestlers like the Macho Man Randy Savage, Roddy Piper etc.. when you look at the WWE today, there is not so many wrestlers, that I would personally like based on their wrestling skills.
  6. Moved to PPV and WWE events.
  7. *in*
  8. Having one G rated show in a multi show multimedia franchise is not selling out. Selling out would be making their entire product G-rated. This is a smart business move. Pick the kids up when they are small, as they are older they move on to other WWE programming.
  9. Guess I was wrong with General WWE. :dawg:
  10. Maybe I have to, maybe I don't... Whenever something bothers me, I say it whether anybody likes it or not.


    I'm new to this forum..
    Thanks for telling me that anyway
  11. At least it's just one extra show that we don't have to watch. Yeah, it shows WWE is a bit different from the past but they have to roll with society just as we have to roll with what they do if we want to be fans. They have to be PC and everything now and appealing to kids with one show while they're very small and then leading them to other programming as they get older is a good idea, at Stop said.

  12. I see what they are trying to do.. smart thinking by WWE
  13. I've watched a couple of episodes just to grade the show and they also teach the kids about WWE history. The first episode they had a segment where they talked about "funky" wrestlers throughout the ages like the Junkyard Dog. And one episode had a segment on Ric Flair's career.
  14. So what? Just don'twatch it and stick to Raw and Smackdown.
  15. How many weekly shows WWE has now?.. 6 PPVs not included, they're not weekly WWE shows


    I'm only watching Raw now, Smackdown sometimes.. last episode was good.
  16. Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, NXT, Bottom Line, Saturday morning slam and Vintage that I can think of. And Main event coming in the fall.
  17. The show is just a smart business move. That way they can completely mark it out to kids and produce the show to that demographic. Aren't they already being aired on Nickelodeon or something? I don't know but it's a show like Superstars - terrible but doesn't contribute to storylines which means I don't have to watch it.
  18. Oh yeah, there's that Main Event show soon right? When does it start, October 3rd?
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