WWE Scandals

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  1. WWE is a tough and hard business.
    Vince really is a weird man to work with.

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  2. Triple H always come to vince and thats how he became 13 time champion...story of his life
  3. Nothing on this thread relates to Triple H, how come you get him into this?
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  4. Drug addiction specifically pain killers are widely known to still be a problem in wrestling, it's decreasing apparently but it's still there and with the schedule these guys are pushed through. I can see why.
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  5. Watched both of those, Vince was torn apart. He's a pig, everyone knows that.
  6. Totally bullshit.
  7. Ikr, weird thing with Pat Patterson.. :silva:
  8. There probably is alot of scandals in WWE that we dont know about where alot of wrestlers could talk about but they wont in fear of losing their jobs. It would be interesting to find out what scandals have gone down in WWE. Maybe one day we will find out
  9. Wrestling isn't always as you see it on tv unfortunately.
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