WWE seems so much better with no Cena around

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. WWE seems so much better with no Cena around do you agree? its just refreshing to new talent have the spotlight. Just stay away Cena
  2. That's what wrestlingforum says about you when you are banned.
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  3. I actually feel TV has been quite stale as of late. Needs a bit of Cena.
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  4. You complain about her threads, but this isn't even a bad one. Gives people a chance to discuss how they feel about WWE with no Cena.

    Anyway, I actually miss Cena on RAW. I think the show has more relevant segments with him there.
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  5. You always want him gone and when he is gone you want him back.
  6. What are you talking about? She clearly said she prefers it without him.

  7. I miss Cena too but I am burying any and all of her threads. Liek I said in another of her shitty threads any when she brings up interesting discussion points people woudl still just rather bury her

    admit the site is better off without her already and stop fighting it
  8. Why not just report her shitty threads so I can deal with it (or staff) and actually contribute to her semi-decent threads? Most of the time her threads are only deemed shitty because of her consistent unpopular opinion on the subject, but a thread that creates discussion - regardless of her opinion on it - is a decent thread. If it's just her ranting about how someone isn't as good as Kelly Kelly, then it'll be deleted.
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  9. I wasn't talking to her haha, I was saying in general to most people including myself.

    Edit instead of double post: Yeah this thread is decent, Let it stay.
  10. because you niggas do nothing and you know it
  11. I reported the stupid fuckign Ambrose thread and what happened? not shit lol
  12. Because no one reports it. What a really complicated circle of events. I wonder how it can be solved.
  14. You reported it 13 minutes ago. Give it a chance.

    It's now gone btw. Nice reporting there.
  15. She's done here. I'm not letting this forum fall to shit because of one dumb bitch who deserves nothing more than the ban stick.

    It's a war.
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  16. Don't miss him one bit. The longer he's out the better.
  17. Dolph'sZiggler is a very angry little boy lol. A true "OG Gangsta Thug" of the internet. Watch out or he'll use some more salty language!!

    On the topic of Cena, I agree that it's a fresh change right now with Bryan as the main dude. I have nothing against Cena, and I look forward to seeing him return. I feel like it will be a different WWE when he returns, and I expect he will be changing his role in some manner.
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  18. Maybe one day you will understand this site. It is funny seeing outsiders make observations before they assimilate though.
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  19. Nah, I like Cena on RAW.

  20. [​IMG]
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