WrestleMania WWE shits on The Miz

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. I think his win at WrestleMania, was just to capitalize on the crowd reaction. I find it sad, that the WWE did that only to for that. Give him a title reign, and then the next night say: "You know what? You had your fun at WrestleMania, now fuck off!"
  2. They're having a rematch at ER, you complain too much.
  3. Would love to have you win a wrestling belt, and than lose it the next night. Wonder how'd you feel.
  4. Miz will hold the title a too short period, don't know why WWE wants him to be in the midcard...
  5. They made us care about the rematch clauses.
    It was like hey we are not as predictable as you think . Rematch clauses still a shot at te title
  6. *then

    And I wouldn't feel anything. You just had your Wrestlemania moment. You'll get the title back eventually or move to bigger and better things.
  7. He got more than he deserved winning at WM, the guy was given a chance to run with the ball a couple years back and no one cared about him as Champion. It's about time they use the IC title for its original purpose, to groom the next Main Event star. Barrett can certainly fit that role. It's time Miz goes back to being an interviewer/host.
  8. It wasn't like Christian jobbing to Orton after winning his FIRST WORLD title.. Miz has been IC champ before, will be IC champ again.. at the end of the day it is just taking his count up one for his career.. so instead of being a 5 time IC champ when he retires he will be a 6 time champ.

    And honestly I thought that match last night was some of Miz & Barrett's best in ring work, so why should we bitch?
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  9. Well I thought it was a great match and marked for Barrett winning and rematch clause meaning something so no harm there.
  10. Well in all honesty it's just a midcard championship. This has happened before, Kane's reign was like this when he took the belt from Stone Cold and lost it on Raw is War the next night. This kind of stuff happens, and it just builds up on the feud and makes the rematch clause look like something good. Also The Miz had his Wrestlemania moment. Barrett might have won on Raw, but he didn't win on the grandest stage of them all, so Miz's victory wasn't a total waste. Also I would be excited if I won at Wrestlemania, I wouldn't care if I had to lose the belt the next night, I'd be grateful that I won on the most important night of the year, Wrestlemania.
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  11. Miz is doing it big.
  12. I kinda find the rematch thing kinda cheap too, it's happened way too many times to different superstars.
  13. Miz probably already knew this at the moment he won it first at RAW 1000.

    That's WWE, sometimes your high ranked, sometimes low ranked.

    Stop bitching, and remember kayfabe.
  14. Miz has done well. He's been Champ, he's main evented Mania, he's in The Marine and etc. WWE isn't "shitting" on him at all.

    Oh and...
    So Miz going over on Barret is shit, and Barret getting his title back is also shit? :mad2:
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  15. I kinda agree that it was stupid in the first place, forget about the Miz, they are making the IC title look like shit.
    Wade should have retained at WM.
  16. What I expected from the title..


    Awsum paint skills :laugh:
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  17. Hahaha :dawg:
  18. :lol1: Nice find
  19. Holy shit the IWC being hypocritical assholes?
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