WWE should finish up with SmackDown

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  1. Ever since the brand-split ended and RAW went 3 hours, SmackDown has slowly become less and less relevant. I used to go out of my way to watch both RAW and SmackDown weekly, but I can't remember the last time I sat and watched an episode of SmackDown. I'll either read the spoilers, watch YouTube clips or just outright forget about it. There are never any particularly good matches on there, storylines are barely developed and it's always a tag team main event that ends via DQ. There's literally no point anymore, 3 hours a week is enough.
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  2. I agree, the Smackdown shows don't even come close to what is put out on Raw. If the WWE is going to continue to neglect Smackdown they should just get rid of it altogether. They have a very popular Raw, people really seem to like NXT, and they also have Total Divas which I really enjoy. They really only need one Main show and since one is really lacking they should just say bye bye to it.
  3. I'd prefer NXT in its place because I haven't seen it. Smackdown isn't very fun to watch and the performers don't look like they're enjoying it much either.
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  4. I totally agree. I enjoy watching NXT on the WWE Network. Those wrestler are hungry and want to get up there to the big stage. It is a much better show than Smackdown is right now.
  5. Regardless of how irrelevant it is in the way of serious storyline development or exciting moments, a large bulk of the fan-bae still tunes in every Thursday when it's on. So long as Smackdown remains one of the most-watched shows on Cable and as long as WWE is still reaping the financial benefits of ad revenue and whatnot, it isn't going anywhere. Hell, they just negotiated a deal to move it to the USA Network beginning next year.
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  6. "Fan-bae" I lost it
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  8. Oh shit
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