WWE Should Suspend Daniel Bryan If His Fans Continue To Cause Controversy - Read Article Here

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThunderdUp35, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. Suspend the wrestler for the actions of the fans.

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  2. Yes, storyline like on their side, but to get the fans back to respecting the product.
  3. So much for actually making a thread or at least trying to copy and paste the text from the source on here. Blatantly placing the link to the article isn't appreciated, but whatever. Nonetheless, it shouldn't mean a damn thing if they cause controversy. Raucous fans are what the make watching the product fun. They can actually change how things go down, for example with DB look at how quickly they made him turn on the Wyatts due to the Mississippi crowd doing the YES! chant.
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  4. Suspending Bryan would only outrage fans further. This would likely lead to people not watching and worse buyrates.
  5. Hey, FIRST of ALL I wrote the article sooo KNOW YOUR ROLE ! I am the source, check the name, Brian Anderson
  6. That doesn't make a difference. Even if you wrote the article it's less of a hassle to actually copy and paste the text from it into a post on here.
  7. I am a sports writer, mainly NBA, but I cover WWE on occasion. When I do, I will post my work here if it isn't a problem. I just hope people here can respectfully defend their opinions and respect my opinion as well without being rude and disrespectful.
  8. It's not even being disrespectful, the fact of the matter is that it seems a bit foolish to me that you'd make a thread and just post a link to the article. That's just me freely thinking.
  9. Why does someone always have to be the oddball. Bro chill out, click the link and read the article if you want. If not then don't but this is how I will continue to post MY articles.
  10. Read my most recent response. I don't feel like cluttering the thread, so I'll allow that last remark to sink in.
  11. The fans don't respect the product because of over-rated people like Batista coming back, all saggy and bland, and are going straight to the top of the chain.
  12. Bro no need to call it foolish okay, you're no smarter or better than me. Respect my work or don't comment on it okay. Your attitude needs an adjustment
  13. *Cue the My Time is Now music*
  14. Anywayyyy, thanks for the replies and reading the article so far people ! I appreciate it :yes:
  15. The storyline was written to make Bryan the underdog and to make the fans react the way they have... so WWE would need to suspends it's writers not Bryan.

    Is that website just a place where people can write their opinions in a format that makes it look professional .Blogs are made for that not "news" sites... just sayin'
  16. ok I dont need anymore suggestions on my article and where and how to post it lol thanks though but its something I have no reason to talk about with someone who doesn't know anything about being a sports writer ... jus sayin
  17. That site is rant sports, we get over 20 million visitors a month so whatever you want to call it .. call it successful :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. if you are asking if someone like you can just go on there and post? Lmao NO you need to be a sports writer, have talent and all that ya know