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  1. so i have got my own WWE Legend raw show going on and i was wondering do you guys have any ideas on storyline i have done one match so far so any ideas anyone (NO SEXUAL)
  2. Urm... possibly a storyline between Goldberg and Diesel. The battle of the greats. Goldberg returns, Diesel attacks him. Goldberg challenges Diesel for a fight so Diesel accepts this then when Goldberg is doing his entrance, he gets attacked with a steal chair by Diesel. Thennn Diesel forces the ref to ring the bell and makes Goldberg get counted out. next event blah blah, goldberg gets revenge, aka does the same what Diesel done in the storyline then it builds up to a ppv match. idk but thats something you could do i guess.
  3. Triple H turns out to be McMahon's love child. He wants him to divorce Steph, but instead has a Live sex celebration because #IncestuousRelationshipsMatter
  4. Wow wwe was porn back then
  5. Well that escalated quickly. Lol
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