WWE shows that you've attended?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. How many WWE shows have you gotten to see live? What were your favorite moments?

    I've been to 5

    Bad Blood 2004- HHH vs HBK in a HIAC match
    King of the Ring 2002- Got to see Brock Lesnar win KOTR and Hulk Hogan tap out to Kurt Angle
    Smackdown 2003- Was right before Vengeance, saw Lesnar, Undertaker, Angle
    Smackdown Xtreme 2001- This was right before the launch of XFL so they had some "Xtreme" matches like The Dudleyz vs The Hardys in a table match and Kane & Taker vs Haku & Rikishi in a first blood. Also Triple H vs Rock vs Angle for the WWE title was the ME
    House Show in 2000. I can't really remember much of it, there wasn't much star power. I was so young at the time that this was the first time I realized what house shows were and that all WWE events weren't aired on TV. I think Too Cool vs Test & Albert was the ME.

    Im thinking about going to Raw on Jan. 18th but I'm still unsure if it'll be worth it or not.
  2. None :okay:
    That will change though.
  3. Here's the number of WWE shows I've attended:
    Show Spoiler

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  4. Three: Raw in London, a house show in Tokyo and NXT Takeover in London.
  5. Nice. Was is the Beast in the East special?
  6. No, just a regular house show at the sumo hall. Was better than Raw though.
  7. Wait a sec, I thought you attended Dominion back in July?
  8. She's talking about wwe shows unless I'm missing something
  9. I've attended a few RAW's and house shows. No PPV's unfortunately.
  10. Ahh, yes. My bad.
  11. I went to Japan in 2014 and 2015. Last year I went to Dominion and the year before I went to Road to Dominion and a WWE house show.
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  12. OIC. I didn't know that.

    That's awesome.
  13. Haven't been to any yet but hope to. Start yelling chants and trying to help a crowd (lol, as if) Almost went to the infamous 45% full Smackdown down here, and the Smackdown before that, went to the ticket office with twenty bucks but couldn't pass up a meatball sub on the way there.
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  14. I went to a house show once. Jericho almost got arrested, it was fun.
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  15. WM X8
    Summerslam 2004
    Raw before st.valentines day massacre
    Smackdown where Cena and angle rap battled
    One other smackdown and one house show
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