WWE Sign Indy Wrestler Austin Draven; Reporting To FCW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Any of you hardcore smarks know this guy?
  2. Never heard of him, tbh. Some local guy, I guess.
  3. Think this is him..

    Show Spoiler

    He has a good business face imo.

  4. The only thing cool about this fella is that he's called Austin (pun intended) and his last name rhymes with Raven. Take it how you wanna.:boss:
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  5. Oh, so they've signed Jesus?
  6. Exactly.

  7. Tattooed Jesus. :boss:
  8. Seems legit?

  9. Rob Terry > This Jesus.
  10. I hope that wasn't recent. He needs to work on his timing so much if it is.
  11. Pardon me, Sideburns Garett can kick this guys calfs.
  12. Color me unimpressed.
  13. *Colour #LazyAmericans
  15. Brodie Lee will pound his ass in in FCW if that video is anything to go by.
  16. Okay so I made this profile here just so I could fill you all in. I trained with Austin at Ric Drasin's Pro Wrestling School. He was actually the head trainer as Ric can no longer do in ring work. I came in having trained at another school he trained at. I came in knowing almost nothing, he taught me a lot. He is a really tall guy maybe 6'5. He goes to parkour gyms with John Morrison & Melina. Who he is also good friends with. He is surprisingly nimble for his size. I once saw him do 6 back tuck backflips in a row. Nice guy, good worker, good head on his shoulders. If I had one thing bad to say its that I don't understand his idolization of jeff hardy.
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