News WWE signs 11 new talents

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Is that Mexican Magno? Did the human botchamania segment get a WWE deal? :dawg:
  2. I don't believe that's Magno, If it was, why would the WWE sign him up? (Unless their braindead or he's improved).

    Anyway, Nice to see Axel Tischer and Uhaa Nation in NXT.
  3. It is Magno. That's Magno's mask.
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  4. Is that the Marine in the middle? His physical credentials sound impressive and he is the only one on the stage with a decent look.
  5. Holy fuckamole, they've signed my countryman! Radomir Petkovic has to be like the first Serbian pro-wrestler I'd ever heard of.

    Already knew about Uhaa, doe... Aaand never heard of anyone else on the list.
  6. The marine is dark skinned
  7. Black guy 3rd from the right I'm guessing then. Looks like Big E's somehow even shorter uncle

    edit wait that is Uhaa lmao. I can barely see this pic on my phone
  8. Hopefully Tischman makes it big time, dude's work ethic is impeccable and he's a legit badass. I've always seen him as a mini-Lesnar.
  9. It's the black guy to the left of the center guy.

    The guy in the center is Radomir Pektovic, aka the biggest amateur wrestling prospect they've signed since Angle/Brock/Swagger apparently. Aka Lana's new client I suppose.
  10. hopefully Lana is long gone from the main roster by the time this dude is ready.

    I'll never understand why they don't go after more amateur wrestlers. Obviously one of, if not the best, base for a beginning pro wrestler. Imagine if Gerald Briscoe or JR or someone had come to Vince in 2000 like "yo, I got this 2 X All American wrestler I want to sign... he is from Oregon, his name is Chael Sonnen"

    I still dream of Sonnen getting into pro wrestling. If there is a god it will happen
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  11. Majority of the talent they scout on the male side come from the amateur side if I am not mistaken. At least majority of the guys without an existing wrestling pedigree, they have a stable of like 6 of them prepped for TV with a leader that is described as "the next coming of Angle" (down to having repped America in the olympics) waiting in line.

    I just guess not everyone has as easy a transition like Kurt, Brock, Dolph or Swag had.

  12. .... Yeah, Radomir seems pretty legit.
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  13. damn

    you know his height/weight?
  14. Wikipedia says he has competed within the 96-120 kg weight classes. So if he's 120 kg that puts him at 264 lbs.
    Height is harder to find. But I'd guess in the 6,5-6,6 area.

    Lot of bigger guys waiting to bust out down in Florida. I know they have a legit 6ft8-7footer doing a try out right now as well.
  15. He probably doesn't speak English, but other than that he has superstar written all over him. gat damn
  16. Jesus.
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    yeah that will be his biggest road block.

    Fuck, Rusev has lived in the states since 2005 or something and WWE still thought he had to spend more time in development to learn English.
  18. lmfao look at this guy quoting himself.
  19. How the F did I do that?

    Thought I was quoting D'Z.
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  20. Guy in the middle looks like a fucking star.
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