WWE signs a College Wrestler

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. WWE has signed former college wrestler Derek Foore, who has wrestled for Notre Dame and is said to have a good athletic physique. He placed second in NAIA championships in 2011, losing in the finals 2-1. He competed at 197 pounds in 2010. This guy was scouted by Gerald Brisco last year and has a look resembling Kurt Angle. Here is a picture of him for all of you marks. Is this the time for another amateur wrestler to make his debut into WWE soon resembling and filling in Angle's past gimmick in WWE better than Jack Swagger? Reply with your thoughts!

  2. He looks so similar to Kurt Angle. Not just his attire but his face mostly.

    Young Kurt Angle.
  3. There are no real wrestlers in the WWE besides from Swagger? ADR has a greco roman background. Seriously who wrote this report? Anyway he'll have a decent base but can he talk or put on a show? He'll be useless in the WWE otherwise.
  4. Dolph Ziggler was an amateur wrestler in college too wasn't he?
  5. Yeah, apparently a really good one. Orton also wrested in High school. I think the majority of the guys wrestled in some form before becoming pros.
  6. Oops sorry guys I meant another amateur wrestler or else continue on
  7. He does resemble Angle as far as facial features go.

    Amateur wrestling skills are always a plus but they're not gold. We'll have to wait and see if he's the total package.
  8. Wanna know if this guy can speak. He has the look nailed down.
  9. He reminds me abit of Bully Gunn in the face at second glance.
  10. Holy shit he looks just like Matt Damon. inb4moviemadeabouthimandmattdamonplayshispartandsomehowthemobgetsinvolved
  11. ''He wrestled collegiately at Kent State University, eventually setting what was then the record for most career wins in the team's history. Nemeth's record was passed in 2006, and as of 2010 he stands second all-time in career victories at Kent State.[9] He had 121 career wins between 2000 and 2003. He was a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion, winning the 165 lb (75 kg) tournament in 2000, 2002, and 2003, and as of 2010 is the last wrestler from Kent State University to have won three amateur wrestling championships.''

    A really really really good one..


    He has a pretty good heel face imo.
  12. You sure it's not Kurt's son or something?
  13. If it was Kurt's son he would of been in TNA already.
  14. Wrestling Garrett Bischoff in a battle of the genetics match probably.
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  15. Good point. Looks like you said a grammar mistake lol.

  16. Lol i hate that fix thingy.
  17. He is kurt angle
  18. I never even knew it was there.


    would of
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