News WWE Signs A Wrestler From Brazil

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  1. WrestlingInc:

    Cezar Bononi, a wrestler from Brazil, has signed a contract with WWE after participating in a tryout in January with other "world-class" athletes from the country.

    Earlier this week, he Instagrammed this photo of himself wearing a WWE Performance T-Shirt.

    Bononi previously wrestled for the Brazilian Wrestling Federation under the name V8 Big Block. Here is a video WWE released in April through its Brazilian website documenting the tryout he took part in.

  2. Apparently this is fake (at least he denied it).
  3. Really? WrestlingInc strikes again! lol
  4. Not really their fault here, though. The dude just posted that pic with the WWE shirt and a website here assumed he was signed and announced it. Someone then leaked it to the international sites without any confirmation whatsoever.
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