News WWE Signs Bu Ku Dao

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Sep 15, 2014.

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  1. WWE signed Indy worker, Bu Ku Dao and he had his final Indy booking last weekend.

    Bu Ku Dao (open)


    I'm not familiar with him or Wildkat Pro Wrestling, but I'll try to watch a couple of his matches. Thoughts?
  2. Never heard of the guy. Guess it's cool (for him) that he's signed with WWE.
  3. I'm pretty sure this guy is only like 5 feet tall on the dot and weighs almost nothing.. nevertheless I hear he's a very hard worker and does show some nice talent.
  4. Don't know the guy, but I guess he must bring something to the table since he's signed by WWE.
  5. Another wrestler who bounces back off the 2nd rope. I guess it's best to wait and see, as I saw 0 hype to this, and WWE has turned down some good talent before.
  6. Joey Ryan :downer:
  7. Good thing they did, what the hell character would he have done? Generic jobber.
  8. holy shit I just found out he's 5' 0'' lmao
  9. Yeah. He'd prolly be Damien Sandow 2.0
  10. He'd job to Sandow randomly so Sandow wasn't 100% weak. Ryan would job to Slater continually.
  11. A jobber jobbing to jobbers. lol
  12. :woo: :woo: :woo:
  13. Uh... not sure what they're going with here, but alright.
  14. Maybe they plan on signing a few smaller wrestlers for ppl like Neville to battle as there are talented guys out there but Neville vs Lesnar/Kane etc... wouldn't work! Maybe planning a future cruiser weight division under HHH?
  15. Another vanilla midget.

    inb4 hype

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  16. I've been wondering why they did away with the cruiser weights. There's got to be enough talented guys out there that size. How worse could it be than the Divas division right? (although they have been stepping it up there lately) It would be cool IMO if thats what they are gearing up for.
  17. Never heard of him, but hope he does something good in WWE.
  18. Yup. Future jobber, that's for sure
  19. No idea who he is, has jobber written all over him.
  20. Woah he is one short dude... is WWE bringing back the Jr. Division? :blackshock:
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