News WWE Signs Deal With Lootcrate

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. "The folks at WWE, a wrestling company regarded by many as the best at social media marketing and digital advertising in the entertainment business today, is now in business with Loot Crate, a leading fan-based commerce and community platform/

    Working in partnership with WWE, the team announced the WWE Slam Crate — a bi-monthly mystery subscription crate to deliver exclusive products and content that “surprises and delights fans.”

    According to Monday’s formal announcement, each crate will feature authentic items including WWE apparel, and other collectibles that won’t be found anywhere else.

    “Through our partnership with WWE, Loot Crate is furthering its commitment to serving all genres in the world of fandom,” said Chris Davis, CEO of Loot Crate. “We’re very excited about partnering with WWE to create the best products and experience that will bring fans closer to the Superstars they love.”

    To celebrate the crate’s debut, the first month’s theme will be “The First.” and celebrate a few of the iconic “firsts” in WWE history.

    “We’re thrilled to partner with Loot Crate to engage with our global fan base in new ways and provide them with exciting experiences year-round,” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President of Consumer Products. “The WWE Slam Crate is perfect for our fans who crave exclusive content and products.”

    You can learn more about the WWE Slam Crate here."



  2. What?
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  3. I all of a sudden want to get this...
  4. Don't cave into the man Ricky! :angry:
  5. I think this was posted months ago.
  6. nvm. Apparently not.
  7. So WWE realized Wrestlecrate is a thing and decided to make their own version then
  8. This happened two months ago. Quite late on the party, Brita! :mad2:


    I didn't see it. :okay:
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  10. I still don't see the thread. What was the title?
  11. It's not a thread. It's a status.

    I was just saying that tis old nuz.
  12. I got your status right here bub :finger:

    Also, this is stating they signed a deal so it will be starting soon... Not in the talks or something.
    So I wasn't late! :angry:
    I'm not Shadow's sister! :angry:
  13. I got your deal right here pal :finger:

    Actually, posted about this starting, two months ago. It was inked a while ago. Don't know where you found this article, but it's pretty late. Just saying.
  14. Can't wait to get a Finn Balor funko pop, or Cena armbands.:pokerface:
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  15. MORE LIKE IMMOBILE MARKETING! :angry: :gingercat::lies:
  16. Bought a Loot Crate one time, got a Carnage coffee mug, a wooden cartoon Joker figurine, and an EXCLUSIVE Breaking Bad apron(aka the ones that came in the DVD barrels).:kanye2:
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  17. The best crate is Lucha loot. They have some pretty great stuff. Masks and lucha shows are a guarantee in every package.
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