WWE signs new diva

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  2. :boss:


    She looks pretty good, and different. I hope her in ring skills are better then the standard diva's
  3. New fap material coming to our TV soon :gusta:
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  5. Cool. Hope she doesn't get wasted. :((
  6. Looks alright, I guess.
  7. She's definitely different, don't think WWE will use her properly, though.
  8. She isnt a model that Vince/Johnny like to hire im shocked at this
  9. She went two matches with AJ (considered third/fourth best diva in the wwe after Beth and Natalya and possibly Tamina.) so she most likely impressed officials with her ring skills. She is also said to be really good on the stick and at connecting with the crowds. Most likely why she got signed.
  10. Well, I hope she's talented, if she is, I hope she's utilized well. But with her being a diva, I'm not sure that's possible.
  11. This.
  12. Leave mah girl alone :(( she gonna do goods man she gonna do goods :((

  13. they dont use the ones they got properly so they probley will not with her
  14. I agree! :emoji_wink:)
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  15. Great! Another talent to be wasted!
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