WWE signs new indie talent

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  1. WWE has just signed indie star Brodie Lee to a developmental deal. The 6 ft 7 indie star has wrestled all over the world in a ton of promotions. He has also wrestled with a lot of the indie stars currently signed to the WWE or that are on the E's radar at the moment. Kevin Nash also speaks highly of Lee after having worked a program with him in PWO.

    Lee is said to have great ring psychology and skill and does not solely rely on big man moves.

  2. Looks like he could be a decent find, some of those spots with Cesaro were amazing. Can't wait to see him as well.

    Imagine they will change his attire though, not a fan.
  3. I'm also a bit excited cause with Lee WWE could bring back the big man gimmick. Kind of like what Kane does and Diesel did back when he was able to wrestle. Guys like Jackson and Ryan are to buff to pull of the big man and still have people like Rhodes look credible to beat them in a match. Big Show, Henry and Tensai are just monsters. Lee could be the big devastating man that smaller wrestlers still could fight on a even ground.
  4. Depends how they use him, he could be good, he could be bad. Not excited or annoyed by this yet.
  5. Lets hope he doesnt get the Khali treatment only used for comedy segments
  6. He fuck sucks for me.
  7. Brodie Lee is awesome, trust me guys. He's big, but moves around like a fuckin' cruserweight. His gimmick at Indys was a truck driver.
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  8. I've only seen a couple of his matches, and color me impressed. Agreed with Joe here, such a great big man. WWE has a money in their hands.
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  9. That explains the ring gear. I thought he was some kind of woodsman. Or a renewal of Regals mans man gimmick.
  10. How old is he?
  11. according to wikipedia he was born in 79 and with no recorded injuries if you are to believe Wikipedia.
  12. Okay I'm a little less enthusiastic now..
  13. So 32 or 33. Not too bad.
  14. It also says he debuted in 07 so he hasn't had that long a career. Color me impressed for getting what he's done done in such a relatively short time.
  15. Yeah, was quite impressed with the video, so we'll see how it goes.
  16. [​IMG]

    Also hi's big boot looks fucking hilarious/epic.
  17. He may be 32 or 33, but wikipedia can still suck ma balls. :boss:
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  18. Has anybody watched the Austin Powers Goldmember? Reminds me of when he does the really high kick :laugh:
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Lawls. Owned. [​IMG]
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