WWE signs Olympic wrestler

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. So lets talk about Angle jr.
  2. So did he win any medals? If not Angle >
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  3. Did he win a gold medal with a broken frickin' neck? No? Not interested! :tough:
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  5. Oh god Angle version 2 incoming did this guy win gold medals with a broken freaking neck?
  6. I didn't know threads had echos
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  7. History is doomed to repeat itself
  8. Ka is a wheel.
  9. Marked for the Robert Jordan reference.
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  10. No it's Stephen King, dude!! The Dark Tower! :emoji_slight_smile: Robert Jordan is good from what I've heard, I've never read that series of his though.
  11. My mistake. A key element in Jordan's series was time repeating itself. Every character being a re-incarnation of a person from long ago and events happening again and again and again (world thrown into madness and such) and trying to break the pattern.
  12. That's very cool. You should definitely read The Dark Tower series. I am sure you'd enjoy it a lot.

    It's the core of Stephen King's universe, and a lot of his most famous books are connected to the Tower in some way.
  13. Had friends recommend it to me a couple of times but I always back off since King tends to be hit and miss with me. Currently reading the emperor of thorns trilogy. Debut trilogy from a new writer which is pretty darn interesting.
  14. Yeah the Tower isn't for everyone, but I thought it was incredible considering it took him over 30 years to finish all 7 books. If you do intend on reading it, avoid looking at anything on the internet. Don't let someone's opinions or thoughts spoil it or affect your view of the series before you get a chance to read it yourself.

    What's that series about that you're reading now? I'm about to start A Dance With Dragons, book 5 in A Song of Ice and Fire AKA "Game of Thrones series" for HBO folks.
  15. This man is no American Hero.
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  16. Its told from a first person point of view with the main character prince Jorg as the narrator. Basically he, his mom and his little brother were attacked by soldiers belonging to another lord when riding a carriage during a storm. Jorg was flung out of the carriage and landed in a thorn bush where he was stuck and had to watch his mom and little brother get tortured and killed, and then left hanging there for hours watching the corpses, driving the boy insane. He then sets off to get revenge. Book one is Prince of thorns (he's a prince), second is King of thorns, third is emperor of thorns. Its a very dark series with Jorg being more of a antagonist than a protagonist. To quote him: "A good king wouldn't put his people through this, but I am no good king". It also has some interesting connections to the real world in it.
  17. Nice. I'll add it to the list. The list is very long, but I'll get to it one day.
  18. Did I hear broken fricken neck?
  19. Aye.
  20. Gold medals?
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