News WWE signs Samuray Del Sol

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    Well Sin Cara, You had your chance, now you're getting replaced, by someone that can cut a promo no less. Good signing by the WWE. He really had a break out year in 2012 thanks to AAA and Sapolsky and became one of the top independent stars out there.

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  2. You told me I could read more, I went to the article and there's no more information.

    I'd like to sue you for false advertisement.
  3. I am represented in a joint venture by the Park Park & Park Law firm and David Otunga, legal advisor. Come at me bro.
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  4. Maybe he'll debut by Wrestlemania XXX and we'll get Mysterio/Samuray next year. Then Mysterio can go on and hang them up already.

    They've been trying to get that Mysterio/Cara match going the last two Wrestlemanias to no avail. Now it seems they have a better option (just taking the word of others, don't know anything about this guy yet except for these two videos.)
  5. Great fucking news! Hopefully they let him keep his current mask. He'll bring some much needed high flying botchless flair they WWE has been missing of late.
  6. Him signing over the Del Sol character could actually work. He's going by the name Octagon Jr in Triple A so if he were to leave WWE down the line he can always either become Jr again or become the second Octagon, and that would draw just as well if not better than his old Del Sol indy character.

    I don't see them taking the mask off of him like they did with Generico.
  7. What i have seen i have liked so he be a good addition to the roster. Sin Caras days of botching are numbered.
  8. Really can't get invested in him, hope the WWE hype machine can fix that.

    As in no, he is not signed. Do you guys really trust a source like He had a try-out, yeah, but he hasn't signed yet. I'm thinking these false rumors keep circulating because some dude working for whatever Superlucha's close sorce just found an outdated report on Del Sol being signed in December, which was also false.

    Source: Samuray Del Sol
  10. Seems like a very good addition to the roster.
  11. Mysterio vs generico vs samuray"of the sun" vs Neville. Then he can retire
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  12. Resistance Pro, a promotion that books Del Sol has confirmed that he has in fact signed.

  13. :win: Excellent news.
  14. I know next to nothing about the guy, but he definitely looks like a badass in those vids. :obama:
    I approve.
  15. [​IMG]

    Not sure on exactly how legit these are.
  16. The video in the OP just shows how much of a fricking stud my boy Ricochet is too :obama:
  17. Unless Ricochet becomes Japan for life he will be in the WWE in the next 3 years I bet. He's too good a talent for WWE to pass up on. Not just out of a "I'm a high flyer" standpoint, but as a character as well and with a money look.
  18. Ya apologies taking it off topic but the guy has the mannerisms of a star.
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