WWE Signs Sara Del Rey to a developmental contract

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    The indy fans know about her good and well, so they can take over this thread.
  2. WWE Signs Sara Del Rey

    Fuck a development contract.
  3. WWE Signs Sara Del Rey


  4. The WWE divas can't lace up her boots and she's going to FCW or whatever? GTFo. But hey, at least they finally signed her.
  5. 2nd best female wrestler in the world, and better than 90% of WWE roster. Another Indy jewel in WWE...
  6. If they actually put her through to anything worthwhile and utilize her well, then this would be a great thing for the WWE. However, if she never moves up to garner more recognition and/or is so poorly utilized as most of the Divas are, then it's a mostly pointless situation.
  7. Time for WWE to fuck up another great woman's carrer :bury: :shovel: GET IN THE HOLE
  8. WWE will fuck her up with how they treat divas right now
  9. I'd love to see her being utilized well, not really sure if that's possible too. And she'll probably spend little time in FCW.
  10. She has to learn the "WWE style", whatever that means.
  11. #wwelogic, right?:jeritroll:
  12. Yes and no.

    Yes, because it's fucking idiotic to sign a woman with that much talent to a developmental deal.

    No, because what is the "wwe style" in the Divas' division?
  13. WWE style? I guess they'll give her a contract down hooters.
  14. I LOVE Sara Del Rey! She is amazing.
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  15. hope they dont get turn into jobber :true:
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