News WWE signs two CWC wrestlers

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Kota Ibushi leaves NJPW and DDT for being burned out, and signs with WWE. :eww:

    But I'm excited for Mascara Dorada and Kota Ibushi to be coming in, WWE is really packing up the Japanese talents.
  2. Hyped for Kota after his first CWC match. :emoji_grin:
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    That is fucking awesome, if true! I absolutely love both guys.

    WWE must've pulled a serious amount of dough to sign Ibushi full-time.

    And I'm beyond happy for Dorada, the dude's super talented and his NJPW run shouldn't have been a waste. Hopefully he has a killer run in the 'E.

    I can definitely see 'em signing ZSJ and Dar, as well. Hell, maybe even TJP, Nese, Cedric and Gallagher.
  4. Nice definitely were my 2 favorites of the first episode. Wish they would giving Davairi a deal too cuz he has great heel potential
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  5. Massive win! The roster keeps getting better and better.
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  6. I do not buy Ibushi being signed. Not one bit. Not until I see it on
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  7. It's great to see WWE starting to take Cruiserweights more seriously and signing them, just like what other people think I hope the Cruiserweight title makes it return in he future.
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  8. No idea who either are, but with the users above being signed, i'm definitely interested.
  9. Ibushi v Ishii was what got me into NJPW, was tremendous. Easily one of my top five while he was a part of it. He's as good as signed imo, despite his reasoning for leaving NJPW in the first place.

    Him and Roode getting brought in as the possible likes of Joe, Nak, AA are getting called up is the best way to keep NXT strong.
  10. That would be amazing but like Stopspot I'ma have to see it to believe it, also I really hope they signed cedric alexander, brian Kendrick, johhny wrestling and ciampa they deserve it. Hopefully most of them get signed I wouldn't mind seeing any of them really
  11. How much money did they offered Ibushi for him to settle a deal? He has been pretty vocal about not wrestling in WWE full-time so I wonder what changed his mind.
  12. An audience of over a billion, and a salary that the President wishes he had.
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