WWE Slammys MOTY Nominees.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by THG?, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Source: PWmania.com
    Pretty speechless. No Bryan/Punk, no Punk/Lesnar, no Cena/Punk? Really HHH? I could name a number of matches better than 3 of those 4 candidates. Meh.
  2. If Undertaker vs Punk doesn't win it's rigged.
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  3. HHH's crappy match in the MOTY Nominations? Wonder how that got there :pity2:

    Anyway, Fuck these "MOTY", Bryan/Cena is my MOTY
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  4. I guess they didn't wanna put 3 different Punk matches in there so they had to pick different ones.
  5. Still Bryan/Cena >>>>> All those matches. Also Bryan/Orton vs Shield, Team Hell No Vs Shield, Cena, Ryback and Sheamus Vs The Shield, Punk vs Rock, Ziggler/Del Rio etc. So many better matches than those ones. Thinking about it the actual match quality this year has been really high.
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  6. Cena vs Punk "the piledriver match" was better than those IMO and that's the first to pop into my head,
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  7. urm.. Has punk vs bryan happened this year i dont remember it also del rio v ziggler deserves a mention
  8. You can kinda understand why Del Rio Vs Ziggler aint on it as its mainly storytelling and the double turn and its kayfabe so
  9. Even the MITB matches were sick.
  10. 3 boring matches and a solid tag match lol. brilliant.
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  11. lol Terrible choices. There is NO ONE who thinks HHH and Lesnar's cage match was a MOTY candidate. And no Bryan/Cena or Punk/Lesnar? I'm now reminded of why the Slammys are not something I take seriously.
  12. I almost got sick looking at the other 3 matches: Taker and Punk better win. Really Helmsley? You want your crappy match on the list? And Rock vs. Cena part 2? No thanks! And why in the hell is this match on there?
    Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield at Battleground.
    Goodness; [​IMG]...was my reaction when I saw those 3 nominees.
  13. If anyone even considers Cena vs Rock at WM 29, I'm calling the White House.
  14. ...Like Obama's gonna do anything...haha
  15. Undertaker vs Punk, please.

    Although I wouldn't mind seeing the Rhodes brothers take that slammy. I loved that match, probably cuz Ive always been a Rhodes/Goldust mark, and not to mention Dusty bringing back the elbow. HHH vs Lesnar though? Not Punk vs Lesnar or Bryan vs Cena? Wtf?
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  16. wtf was so great about Taker/Punk? It only 'stood out' because Mania29 was yet again another shit Mania. Of those 4 matches the tag match was clearly the highest quality
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  17. Those are the 4 options?

    Rhodes vs Shield, nothing else was anything special.
  18. I am a TAKER FAN! I'm always for the dead man; shitty match or not. And I think this match was the best out of WM and the nominee list.

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  19. Why isn't Cena/Punk there? That match was great.
  20. HHH manages to poke his nose in.
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