Spoiler WWE SmackDown 10/1/15 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Sep 29, 2015.

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  2. lmfao.
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  3. I second that.
  4. I don't know what the Divas' match at Hell in a Cell is going to be, but I've read it's going to be Charlotte/Paige/Nikki in a 3-way.
    Sasha's unbeaten on the main roster, with most of her victories coming against Paige (like 5 in a row) and Nikki.
    If Paige can call everyone whores and get title shots and Sasha can't get any by winning matches... well, that's WWE in 2015 in a nutshell.

    Rest of this is wrestling for wrestling's sake. Apparently Ryback and Owens went 10+ minutes before Owens just left.
    So synthetic. Doesn't feel like Owens is being intelligent by avoiding a pointless asskicking by leaving pointless matches on pointless shows while that element of truth makes you hate him more, it just feels like "bad writing" at that point.
    Wyatt vs Reigns solo? lol

    Can we not get the Bound for Glory Series in WWE?
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  5. okay upon watching the show it actually came across a lot better than it did on paper

    -I'm enjoying this Kane storyline way more than I should haha. Rollins cutting promos about it is so awkward though!
    -Hey Kane, Finn Balor called and said he wants his gimmick back. Just saying. You don't want to see Finn when he's angry!
    -The Hashtag Divas' Revolution has SUCH Dixie Carter (formerly X-Pac) heat for me. Every time anyone brings it up, I want to turn the TV off. So when Team Where The Hell Have We Been ran out and talked about how nobody cares about who started this PR catchphrase, they just want to beat everybody up it was SO WONDERFUL!!!! BEST MOMENT OF 2015! I love Sasha, she cut an all-time great promo on NXT and now this... Hell and they followed the weekly "Bitch about something heelish that everyone agrees with so you get cheered for the rest of the night" promo by FINALLY letting them work face against the Bellas. Woot!
    -This Team Loreal breakup storyline is not for me. A.M.F, enjoy this double if you can! :emoji_slight_smile: although I like the tandem of straight no-nonsense Charlotte and goofy ass weirdo Becky being a team. More Lynch, please.
    -"Paige, this is an ultimatum. You're either with us, or against us". Guess she's gonna walk alone in the unknown and change the course of history

    -Every time the New Day interrupts a negative ass Seth Rollins segment, an angel gets their wings. Large, fluffy, bright white wings that can withstand the hottest sun. BUYS
    -Ryback vs Owens was a match for two people, me and Senhor, who still enjoy watching 10 minutes of Ryback trucking dudes. This actually came across WORSE on TV than in the spoilers if you ignore that though. Ryback took the whole match, had his finish set up before Owens grabbed the ropes which lead to the outside double down and the fake countout finish because wins and losses don't matter, then a postmatch attack from Owens was even thwarted before the Shellshock. EVERYTHING about this segment was "make Ryback look strong". Really?
    -Love how people said about Owens. "Oh, he can be the guy who brings prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship!" after saying that about literally everyone in the last 10 years. He's the latest victim. Throw the belt in the trash where it belongs and move on.
    -Then again, we can't have that, because I'm believing more and more the sole reason that belt exists is to do this crappy finish.
    -One small note: Smackdown has the best commentary team in American professional wrestling - at least that I've seen. (Well, them or ROH) Then again Booker T isn't for everyone.
    -This Neville vs Stardust feud IS like something out of a comic book....a crappily written one where Batman fights the Joker every. fucking. week. GAHHHHHHHHH
    -Holy shit, they found a way to make a Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns promo battle AWESOME! Seriously, they found the perfect way to book these two. Wyatt's promos have been SO much better - granted, it's a feud I actually give a crap about - but he's finding the right balance of "creepy rhetoric" and "actual content" and it's fantastic. Welcome back to the list of guys I like, Bray!
    -Speaking of guys getting off my shit list... Walk in. Give a badass glare under the spotlight. Simply say Hell in a Cell. Throw back your hair. Mic drop. Exit stage right. Welcome back to the land of badassery, Roman Reigns!
    -The main event was a fun match and - if I wasn't stupid enough to read the spoilers - pretty interesting as to how it would all go down, but this whole angle feels like it's made to make Rollins look dumb.
    -okay Demon Kane coming out was pretty funny, but the last 3 minutes of the show was a reminder that we're still pushing Motherfucking Kane in 2015. Why is he attacking New Day and Dudleys and Rollins and... :facepalm1:

    Mostly good SD this week
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