WWE Smackdown 7/26/13 Discussion Thread

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  1. [​IMG]
    UK: Saturday Morning, 1am on Skysports​
    US: Friday Night, 8/7ct on Syfy​
    What To Expect?​
    Rob Van Dam Vs World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.​
    (Just gonna try this and see if it will work out)​

  2. The main issue I see with this is that it's shown at different times in 'Murrica and the UK. It's not shown live so the UK can put it on @ 10pm.
  3. When did we start having LDs for Smackdown?
  4. Damn. I wanted to try it. Might as well keep it open and see if it works, Some people watch mainly from streams so I just watch a US stream.
  5. Never, Just made an attempt at it.
  6. I don't think it'll work that well. Smackdown is uploaded online Thursday night here so most people watch a stream wayyy before it airs on TV Friday night.
  7. God loves a trier, You never know. Might as well give it an attempt and it not work out than no attempt at all.
  8. Or just set up a time and all can watch at the same time. Rhodes there :emoji_grin:
  9. I guess that time will be the same as in the OP.
  10. Nothing 'live' about it, but I like the idea of having a Smackdown thread every week so people can post their thoughts as they watch.
  11. As you can watch it online on Friday morning (afternoon in the UK) so you can ask some people to watch the show at the time you want and come to the thread and discuss about it, but then you should use the spoiler prefix because if we discuss about the matches and someone hasn't watched the show yet he will see the results because of posts like "YEAH! RYBACK WINS A MATCH AGAINST JOHN CENA JUST BECAUSE CENA FORGOT TO HIDE HIS LIPSTICK AND EVERYONE SAW IT, CENA WAS SO EMBARRASSED THAT HE QUIT!" or something like that.
  12. Just use a spoiler tab.
  13. Yeah, Im gonna change the thread title and remove the Live bit.
  14. What would be the point on having a "live" discussion if we can't say who won? Well, doesn't matter, may not even be on :haha:
  15. After looking at the spoilers this show looks amazing.
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