WWE Smackdown March 16th Spoiler Results

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    My thoughts.

    Nice to hear that the Peep Show is back and Christian also. Lol, Johnny offering title match to make him in his team. Typical Johnny. Haha. After Sheamus wins at Wrestlemania, Christian and Sheamus are probably gonna feud and Christian will get that title shot.

    Kofi Vs Otunga was unfair match. Otunga was still in his pants, not even ready.

    AJ can wrestle? I have to see her in match one of these days.

    Cody Rhodes beating Khali was no surprise. Khali just plain sucks. I wonder what kind of Another Embarrassing Big Show moment it was about.. Like, which WM one.

    Big Show Vs Drew? Obvious win. The same goes for Mark Henry Vs Yoshi. What's up with these squash matches?...

    Chris Jericho getting more personal with Punk. Glad he won even though it wasn't clean. I didn't expect it to be either way. Both of them are competitors for WWE/World Heavyweight championship and they can't afford a clean victory on each other.
  2. Peep show with Mr Excitement sounds good, I just dislike Teddy being there.

    How dare they job out Otunga, they shall be hearing from my lawyers. Good to see Kofi get a win though, too good to be irrelevant.

    Bryan being a dick = boss.

    Resident time to make a sandwich #Women'smatchesarepointless

    Should be decent Rhodes is amazing on the mic.

    Ewwwww Khali in the ring is always bad.

    Could do without Randy's promos he's so lacking in any sense of tone.

    Big Show squashed Drew McIntyre with the WMD punch. - Show burying more talented guys... again.

    Meh not a fan of Henry he's the same as show but at least Drew > Yoshi.

    Jericho = goat idiots should have chanted.

    Jericho beats the great white, don't care how he beat him.

    Overall a decent show imo. Focus on Jericho and Punk is good as is Bryan on the mic, could do without team slowpoke squashing people back to back and Teddy being allowed within 50 feet of a camera.
  3. nice post now i dont have to wait two hours on friday to watch this but aj just leave him already your to bum and sexy for him
  4. Damnit Ace should've given Christian a match I miss him. Going to watch Smackdown beginning just for Christian.
  5. FINALLY a show over the 1/10 rating. This gets a solid 6 for me. Christian speaking, Ace speaking = 10, Long appears -5, Otunga appears +50, loses -51 (wasnt ready wtf), Khali and Divas take it to a 2/10, Rhodes picks it back up to a 7/10, Big Show puts it back to a 1/10, Henry being booked strong again brings it to 5/10, JERICHO BEATING THE BIG PALE HHH = 100000000/10 but not clean which brings it to 7/10.

    Decent show for SmackDown. Will watch on YouTube and skip all Teddy Long segments, all Big Show segments and all Diva segments.
  6. Wow, fantastic show!

    +Peep Show gets heat on Christian and Ace, furthers a story along nicely, and the idea just oozes entertainment. Kofi over Otunga is fine, W/e either way
    +AJ Lee is a damn fine women's wrestler , and should be squashing a Bella Slut. Hope it got a little time.
    +Rhodes Promo. Instant bonus to any show.
    +Most talented person on the roster over the least talented. Destroy Khali!
    -Please fire Drew. For real. Fuck these writers.
    +OMG Orton and Kane are actually feuding over something!
    +Jericho promo. Oh baby.
    +Main event match that looks really good on paper, with an innovative finish
    +Helped out both title feuds.

    Great job, WWE. See, was this that hard?
  7. 1/10 Show. Jerifaggot's personal stuff is just stupid and not interesting at all.
  8. Yeah, the peep sounds great. Teddy does ruin it but gotta love Johnny. Christian Vs Sheamus coming soon.

    He is gonna sue Kofi or Teddy for attacking him while he was still in his wrestling attire. :otunga:

    Just more reason for AJ to become face soon, probably WM.

    Rhodes beating Khali like a boss.

    I might watch this SD, skip the matches (Besides Jericho's) and boring parts.

    Thanks. Yeah, this is what I usually do. Just read the spoilers and determine if SD is worth watching or not.

    Maybe next week we get to see him in a match or at least one time before Wrestlemania. The peep show not chose which team Christian goes to but also an opportunity for a title shot which is nice.

    I gotta admit, this does sounds better than Monday's RAW. Gotta love your rating system lol especially the Otunga. I'm confused thought. You said "This gets a solid 6 for me." and at the end you said it brings to "7/10". Hmm...

    Can't wait to watch this SD. So much interesting stuffs to watch like the peep show, DB and AJ, Rhodes Promo, Orton and Kane Promo, Jericho Promo, Jericho's match..

    Lol. yeah, Jericho has taken this into more personal stuff. I wonder what CM Punk is gonna say about this. Last week I saw the exclusive video after he left the ring and didn't/couldn't comment anything about it.
  9. You're right, why make feuds personal anymore?

  10. But when Punk was taking the piss out of Jericho's actions outside the WWE or saying the WWE would be better was Vince was dead it was the most exciting thing in years, right? Punk would have given it the go ahead to improve the feud.
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