WWE SmackDown Rating (6/29/12)

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    It went down. :haha:
  2. Bury Sheamus already.
  3. Get Well Soon WSM
  4. Wonder what the live show rating will be :haha:
  5. Live show will probably get a little better ratings than the regular shows. It'll have lower viewership.
  6. I'm still think they could promote Live SDs better, it seems like people don't know it's live on Tuesday and watch it on Friday anyway. Well, the ratings went down, fair, Sheamus is boring. Henry, where are you? :upset:
  7. Smackdown is live on a Tuesday? I thought it was Friday's? that's when I record it anyway.
  8. Smackdown is a taped show normally, so they tape it on Tuesday and then air it on Friday. This week we get a live smackdown tonight that will re-air on Friday.
  9. Crayo, didn't you post this already?
  10. That's why I never see it live for a Tuesday night then, I've got the episode tonight on record, and also have the show that airs on Friday on record too. I take I am right in thinking then, that it airs in the UK on a Friday and not before?
  11. I will air tonight as well in the UK. I'd say record both though since the one on Friday will be edited like most Smackdowns. Since Smackdown normally is taped they can edit out botches and edit crowd sounds, like add extra pop to sheamus or make a heel extra booe'd. You can watch both and compare.
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  12. Thanks Stopspot, I must admit, I thought Smackdown was recored live too, but I will record both and watch to compare, I didn't realise they added extra things like booing to it.
  13. :haha:

    He wishes he did.:jericho:
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