WWE SmackDown Ratings (last week)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Friday's WWE Smackdown television show drew a 1.96 rating, down from the 2.21 rating the week before. The show averaged 2.881 million viewers.

    Soon as they drop Henrys dominant gimmick, ratings drop. He was averaging 2.5-3 in his reign.

    Be interesting to see them after Daniel Bryan is now champ.
  2. That's very disappointing for Smackdown.
    How many avg viewers does RAW normally get?
  3. 4.5million each week I think.

    3.1 is like the most normal rating. 5.0 when Rock is there.
  4. RAW averages around 4.2 million viewers and it gets around a 3.3 rating.
    It's worth noting that for over THIRTEEN weeks, the viewer count has dropped in the second half of raw, normally from 4.2 million to around 3.7 million. That's like 1/6 of their viewers.
  5. Yeah that is pretty bad, but I blame MNF.
  6. The week before the Slammys they had next-to-no competition with the MNF because it was two un-popular teams apparently, just another sign of how stale WWE's product is.
  7. Yeah, that's why they're changing things around recently. Compare WWE's 2011 product with 2009-2010. I prefer it now (although I miss heel orton lmao). But generally, they're becoming more edgy with mic work, spots and storylines. It's all leading to a better product, this years wrestlemania will do a lot for WWE, trust me.
  8. The fact that they're using worked-shoot's is a step in the right direction, but they still have so much to change.
    The WWE Network could decide their fate.
  9. Really looking forwartd to the network.

    These ratings are typical SmackDown ratings though, these aren't bad or good. Infact, they were a lot worse last year. Henry really did draw like a house on fire at the beginning.
  10. Because he was just a monster heel, I mean taking out Kane AND Big Show ain't exactly nothing is it.
  11. And going over Orton clean too. That solidified his whole reign, going over smackdown's version of Cena. Yet some people still believe Orton buries people.
  12. LOL, Orton burying people?
    He's jobbed to more guys in the last month than Cena has beat jobbers!
  13. The Orton burying people was only really valid with the Christian feud in the summer really. Why they had him lose the belt after such a short run when the crowd were invested deeply into his babyface character makes no sense at all to me still.
  14. Because Vince is a troll. Only reason I could come up with. The guy loves to troll the IWC.
  15. This is the main reason I'm expecting Punk and Bryan to lose both of their titles probably to Cena and Orton in the near future. :-/
  16. I'm expecting Bryan to definitely. But I don't think Punk will, only because Vince knows he's the only one marketable enough, and over enough, to actually take over Cena when Cena turns heel at Mania'. But certainly Bryan, it's a shame, but I guess he can say he's had a WHC reign.