WWE Smackdown Results (4/10) - Blast From The Past, Extreme Rules WHC Match Announced

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  1. WWE Smackdown Results
    April 10th 2012

    Mean Gene Okerlund is in the ring and welcomes everyone to Smackdown - Blast From The Past, then introduces Sheamus as one of his new favorite stars. Gene gives him the mic and Sheamus says it's a honor to be in the ring with him, and there is also a code of honor when you are the champion. He says there is no excuse for what he did last week and he wants to publicly apologize to referee Chad Patton and all of the people there. Sheamus says he hopes he accepts his apology because he learns the hard way, then John Laurinaitis cuts him off and says he wants to show everyone what happened again. John asks Sheamus who he thinks he is, because John is the general manager around here and how dare Sheamus put his hands on a referee.

    John tells him to apologize, and Sheamus says he already did, but John makes him repeat because he didn't hear it and says he doesn't think it is funny. Sheamus apologizes again to Patton, the other referees and the world, but John says it's not good enough and he is putting Sheamus on probation. He says if Sheamus touches another referee he will fire him and fire him $500,000, and he also wishes him good luck in his match tonight. John says he knows he didn't tell him yet, but Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio, and his partner will be Mean Gene.

    Mark Henry vs Randy Orton

    Orton punches Henry in the corner until the ref backs him off, then Henry headbutts him and whips him into the corner. Orton ducks a clothesline and punches him in the corner, but Henry comes back with a powerslam as we go to a break. When we get back, Henry levels Orton with a clothesline, then he keeps Orton down with a bodyslam and a running splash for a two count. Henry punches him in the corner and splashes Orton twice for another near fall, but Orton rolls away from a third. Orton bounces off the ropes and tries to clothesline Henry, then he kicks his knee and drops him with a DDT for another near fall. Henry rolls to the apron so Orton goes for a hanging DDT, but Henry counters and goes for a World's Strongest Slam.
    Orton floats over and sets up a RKO, but Henry shoves him out of the ring and they fight outside. Orton avoids an attack an Henry runs into the ringpost, then Orton rolls in the ring and Kane interrupts the match by appearing on the Titantron. Kane says he needed to beat Orton at Wrestlemania to become whole again, but he doesn't want things to end between them. He says he saw how vicious Orton could be last week, but he has an idea that the whole family can enjoy. Kane kneels down and shows Cowboy Bob Orton on the ground, then Orton runs through the backstage area looking for Kane. He finds his father on the ground, then Kane hits him in the stomach with a pipe and says he is a sucker for family reunions before leaving.

    Result - No Contest (?)

    Benny Camer vs Ryback

    Ryback levels Benny with a clothesline, then he picks him up on his shoulders and hits a single leg muscle buster for the win.

    Winner - Ryback

    Heath Slater is talking to Tyson Kidd about teaming up together, because Tyson was teaming with Justin Gabriel but he's injured and he's a loser. Slater says he found themselves a manager for Blast From The Past, and he says this guy called him a modern day Honky Tonk Man. Tyson asks if he took that as a compliment and Slater says he did, then Jimmy Hart walks in and pumps them up on his megaphone but Tyson just shakes his head.

    The Usos vs Tyson Kidd & Heath Slater (w/ Jimmy Hart)

    Tyson goes for a quick roll up then Slater breaks it up and yells at him to get out of the ring, then Slater hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Jimmy gets shoved into the ropes by Slater but Jey gets a blind tag, then he hits a running corner splash but Tyson breaks up the pinfall. Jimmy clears him out of the ring then Mick Foley (at commentary) says he can't stand listening to Hart again and chases him away and threatens to use Socko on him. Slater turns around and gets slammed on the mat, then the Usos hit a top rop splash combo for the win, and Mick uses Socko on Hart after the bell.

    Winners - The Usos

    Rowdy Roddy Piper is here for Piper's Pit, and he talks about Daniel Bryan losing at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds, but yet Bryan blames AJ for it. He plays a clip of last week's breakup and introduces Bryan, and Piper says he looks way too happy for a man who lost his title in eighteen seconds. Bryan says John Laurinaitis just granted him his rematch, and Sheamus won't win by a fluke because he wants to pin him and make him tap out. He says both will happen because he will get a 2 out of 3 falls match at Extreme Rules, and AJ will be nowhere in sight. Piper says he doesn't know if AJ will be at Extreme Rules, but she's there tonight and he likes her, so he calls AJ out to the ring.

    AJ says she can't believe she is on Piper's Pit, and she says hi to Bryan and Piper says she shouldn't talk to him after he dumped her. AJ says he Bryan really is a great person, and Piper says all of the mean things Bryan said, but AJ says it was all her fault and she made a mistake. AJ apologizes and says they can work things out if they talk, but Piper says he knows she is stronger and smarter than this. Piper says she doesn't need to make up with him because Bryan is using her, then Bryan says he heard enough from the both of them.
    Bryan says if she loves him she will leave the ring, and Piper tries to reason with her but she ends up leaving. Bryan goes to leave but Piper says he isn't done yet, and he says he has daughters of his own so he wants to give Bryan some good advice. He says you don't tell a woman to shut up or use them as a shield, because that is what cowards do to women. Piper says he is going to take joy in watching Sheamus kick his head off twice, but Bryan says his talent will slap Sheamus and everyone else in the face. Bryan slaps Piper in the face, then he runs up the ramp and yells 'YES' as Piper screams at him from the ring.

    The Great Khali, Natalya & Alicia Fox vs Drew McIntyre & The Bella Twins

    Khali smacks Drew in the chest, and Drew tags out and screams that he is better than this and leaves while Alicia tags in and rolls up Brie for the win. Mae Young comes out as Khali gets to the top of the ramp, then Khali gets down on his knees and makes out with Mae while Natalya hugs her.

    Winners - The Great Khali, Natalya & Alicia Fox

    Sheamus is with Mean Gene and Gene says he doesn't like their chances, but Sheamus is smiling so he must be up to something. Sheamus says they might not win, but he won't let John Laurinaitis keep him down. He says it's an honor to team with Gene, and he'll buy the first round tonight because they'll either drink to remember, or drink to forget.

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Hunico (w/ Camacho)

    Hunico rides in and says he doesn't care about the past because he's the future, then he runs in the ring and gets thrown to the floor by Duggan. Camacho gets in his face so Duggan calls for backup, then Sgt Slaughter comes out and throws him a 2x4, and Duggan hits Hunico. The ref disqualifies him, then Slaughter puts Hunico in the Cobra Clutch and they celebrate while Camacho checks on Hunico.

    Winner (by disqualification) - Hunico

    Cody Rhodes comes to the ring and says tonight's Blast From The Past is a waste of time because he is the future and they should fast forward to when he is champion. He says Big Show won't get within a lucky a punch of him, then his father, Dusty Rhodes, comes out and Cody says this isn't his business. Dusty says this does concern him, because Cody wanted to be a WWE superstar but he poked the bear when it came to Big Show. Cody says he is embarrassing him now and they should talk in the back, then Big Show cuts him off and says he wants to show the real Cody. Show plays a clip of 'Dashing' Cody putting on lip gloss, then Show says that is really embarrassing and Cody leaves his father standing in the ring.

    Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio vs 'Mean' Gene Okerlund & Sheamus

    Sheamus and Alberto punch each other in the middle of the ring, then Sheamus knocks him down but Bryan tags in and uppercuts Sheamus near the corner. Bryan keeps Sheamus grounded and tags Alberto back in, then Sheamus counters with a backdrop but Bryan gets right back in. Sheamus takes Bryan out and knocks Alberto off the the apron, then Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Bryan ducks and throws him out to the floor. Alberto hits him with an enziguiri then they all corner Gene in the ring, but Roddy Piper leads a group of legends out to the ring to even things up. Piper tells Bryan to turn around, then Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick and makes the cover to win. Howard Finkel announces the results, then he runs to the ring and all the legends hit Ricardo with their finishers before celebrating with Sheamus and Gene.

    Winners - 'Mean' Gene Okerlund & Sheamus

    Credit: WrestleZone.com
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