WWE Smackdown show in Manchester, England tonight

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. WWE Smackdown brand are in Manchester, England today and will do a show tonight which is my hometown woohoo although im not going to the show. But I work in this hotel in Manchester where the wrestlers have been staying and I work in the restaurant and got to see a few of them in person this morning when they had breakfast it was amazing!!!!! :emoji_slight_smile:. These are the ones that had breakfast in the restaurant

    Great Khali is sooo tall in person. I felt like an ant with him towering over me lol. And he ate so much for breakfast more than a normal human being can consume

    Mark Henry another guy that is massive in person dont think he ate as much as Khali did. He was polite

    Kane looks more normal now with his hair grown back which is getting long now and he has his beard back. Nice guy was very polite

    Yoshi Tatsu is small in person, i love his hair with the red streak. Seemed kinda quiet

    Big Zeke looks the same as on tv. Was talking alot to the other guys

    Natalya and Tyson Kidd came in together for breakfast they both look good in person Natalya actually looks alot prettier and slimmer in person and she was very polite when she was asking me for stuff

    Daniel Bryan looks the same as on tv. And yeah him being vegan is true as he only had fruit and some dried bread for breakfast. Didnt touch any of the cooked breakfast

    Thats all that came in the restaurant. The rest of the roster must of had room service.

    I also got told that last night in the hotel bar a male wrestler punched this drunk male guest as he was pestering one of the diva girls. I dont know who it was though. But that sounds so funny wish I was there to see that go down

    Hope you enjoyed reading my experience :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. If possible, take pictures. Would want to see those especially them divas. :gusta:
  3. Guarantee it was Miz who punched the dude, Miz is one badass tough dude! :themiz:

    Awesome that you got to meet them. And Big Hoss she isn't going to the house show and she's already seem them, no chance to take pics lol.
  4. Maybe they'll come back at the hotel. #FingersCrossed
  5. #OtungaWantsSomeDinner
  6. Otunga might've forgot his coffee mug and he comes back. :otunga:
  7. Randy punched the guy, I'd bet
  8. Big Hoss Rambler im not allowed to get pics/autographs as im staff at the hotel its against the company rules. Im perfectly fine with just seeing them its cool. Unfortunetly im not working tonight when they get back from the show so wont see what happens.

    KiaSport you have a point there the male wrestler could of been Randy Orton as he does have a temper problem. I wish I knew who the guy wrestler was and which divas was being pestered.

    Thanks for reading and replying everyone :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Couldn't you go there as a customer if you're not working?
  10. Thank u 4 posting Brock.

    P.S. I'd hope it wasn't Big Show. He seems more noble than Randy and it would b a shame if he managed 2 get his hands on a normal sized person. Odd, though, just his presence should have sufficed.

    Anger is nobody's friend :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I bet it was Johnny Ace who slapped that boy silly.


    I bet it was Johnny Ace who slapped that boy silly.
  12. Big Hoss Rambler im not the type to go pester wrestlers even when im off duty. Im not like most crazy fans lol. They wont get back to the hotel til late and I know theres a late dinner service set up for them so they would be heading straight to the restaurant to eat so wouldnt even get to chat to any of them

    KiaSport hmmm another suspect the big show he does seem to look out for the divas so he could be another possibility

    Kill Steen Kill no way Johnny is probably back in the states at the office doing his job
  13. Was working otherwise I was tempted to go :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. It was Randy Orton who hit that drunk male guest. I overheard a women talking about it in her group of friends this morning in the restaurant. Wow it seems Randy still has that temper problem. And the good side of this it shows he looks out for the divas on the roster

    Also found out something else today apprentely Hornswoggle got really drunk and chatted up this women at the hotel bar who was on a hen night and she performed a sex act on him upstairs on one of the corridors where the rooms. OMG!!!!!. A room service waiter saw it all as he was on the same corridor. Luckily no other guests were passing this area at the time otherwise there would of been more trouble from the WWE lot. My god these wrestlers really do get up to all sorts when theres no cameras around
  15. Just laughed a whole lot here. Hornswoggle out of all people.
  16. Hornswoggle? The dirty little sod.
  17. Did she follow him down underneath the ring? :otunga:
  18. Best post ever. LOL
  19. Got, why does that stupid miget prick get all the luck in life.
  20. I wasn't kidding when I I told u ppl chicks like Hornswoggle
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