WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 8/10

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Source: PWTorch
  2. My thoughts:

    -Booker as GM is awesome. He's sure to make the show entertaining, and he's acting like a real person instead of the babyface that loves babyfaces. Sheamus stole Del Rio's car, so he should pay repercussions for that. (Thanks for bringing that up, WWE!) He may not like Eve, but he'll give her a chance. Can they please pin each other so we can watch both each week? :gusta:

    -Why are Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, and Christian winning? I hate WWE's babyface fetish. One of the best talents you have, the IC champion, and the #1 contender to the US championship/new guy who you're trying to get over, are all jobbing to guys who have nothing going on atm. It won't hurt the faces' credibility at all to lose this one match, it'll be forgotten but a nice step for the heels, but WWE has to "send the kids home happy"... Why is Miz taking the Pedigree? The rumors of WWE not being high on him anymore are true.

    -What is this? A Reks and Hawkins appearance on both Raw AND Smackdown! :yay:

    -You want to make Orton look strong, you send a jobber out there and let Orton beat his ass. You don't let him go over #1 contenders when he has nothing to do for the forseeable future (maybe Barrett?) A step in the right direction, thank you.

    -YAY FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT! That Jinder Mahal segment sounds amazing. Not sure if Mahal can pull this segment off, but we'll see. The ref calling for the DQ because AW outsmarted the tag champs AND screwed over Epico/Primo? Awesome! Great way to get heat. It's a shame the tag division is so insufferable right now because the booking of Titus and Darren is awesome, and so is AW.

    -And then there was... something different. I love promo segments to promote feuds, but this Bryan/Kane thing looks retarded beyond belief, and the ME sounds like a total clustermess.

    The show could be good, you really can't tell based on these.
  3. Reports from the live tapings say that it was a good live show and the arena was sold out.
  4. Good and bad in this show.

    - Ryback/Mahal
    - Booker T
    - Jericho/Vickie/Dolph segment
    - Prime time players #1 contenders
    - Cesaro/Christian feud?

    - Miz jobbing
    - Clusterfuck main event
  5. :obama: Seems good, I'm interested in this Mahal/Ryback feud now, both these guys need it.
  6. i will wait to watch it tomorrow :burns:
  7. I'll definitely watch this episode since it has gotten good live reviews. + I am a Smackdown guy.
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