WWE SmackDown Tapings for 4/6/12

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. I'd have preferred teddy gone but Teddy being Johnny's little bitch is fine with me. Otunga winning. Ryback debuts to WWE now. Alberto Del Rio gets title shot which I saw it coming. :gusta:
  2. Well this looks like it sucked major balls out side of ADR / Sheamus.
  3. Looks like that 10 man tag team did happen afterwards.
  4. Bryan dumped AJ??? Does anyone happen to know her phone number?????
  5. Yeah actually it's 07588601520
  6. I don't want your number @[Seabs]...
  7. We all know you do.
  8. LOL wtf? Either way better smackdown than most these days. Still won't watch going to have more important work than this.
  9. SmackDown sucked, what a shocker.

    Teddy is still there, lots of Big Show still, lots of Sheamus still. I literally have zero hope for this show. I'll skip it on TV and watch on YT, will watch DB segment. I'll skim-watch ADR vs Sheamus and watch Ryback to see how he is. Dean Ambrose winning is a good sign even if it is a dark match. We need Rollins.
  10. Crayo I think Smackdown is going to end up shutting down with only the supershow concept alive.
  11. Ryback just did three quick moves according to ProWrestling.net.

    Reading this really brought me down from the high on Monday. We know Raw's finest aren't going to Smackdown, that's not how Vince runs things. So the babyfaces we get to cheer for are... Orton, Sheamus, Show, and Great Khali, with special guest appearances from the random Raw mid-carders nobody care about (well, Santino and maybe Kofi, but they won't save the show).

    That sucks. That really really really sucks.

    There's no hope for this show until Sin Cara, Ted Dibiase, and Justin Gabriel get healthy (assuming they actually get TV time) or they finally become intelligent enough to push Tyson Kidd. But chances are all of them will be on Superstars since they aren't seven-foot tall or overpushed to the point of rejection.

    Gah. Rant over.
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